Nanjing Children’s Hospital applied for a patent for adenoid face correction. Huo Siyan denied that it was an adenoid face

On April 25, the topic of “Adenoid Face#” rushed into the hot search, triggering discussions among netizens.

According to the Tianyancha App, in October 2022, Nanjing Children’s Hospital applied for a patent for “a pediatric respiratory rehabilitation training device”, which can correct the adenoid face caused by children’s mouth breathing. The abstract shows that the pediatric respiratory rehabilitation training device includes a closed mask and an adjustment structure. The specific correction method is to use the adjustment structure to control oral breathing. When the adjustment knob is squeezed inward to close the connection tube, the wearer cannot inhale through the connection tube. So you can only breathe through the nasal cavity. The patent application was published in January this year.

In addition, the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University applied for a patent for “Adenoid Face Screening, Monitoring and Processing System and Method” in July 2022, which can realize the screening of adenoid face in children without going to the hospital. The steps include: collecting normal faces and establishing normal value ranges; distributing questionnaires; assigning scores to the questionnaire results; obtaining face information of children; comparing. The patent application was published last October.




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