MF DOOM Died Due to Severe Reaction to Blood Pressure Medication

Months after his passing on October 31, 2022, it's revealed that the rap legend had a 'severe and rare' reaction to just two doses of prescribed ACE inhibitors.

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MF DOOM's cause of death has been revealed. The rap legend, whose real name was Daniel Dumile, passed away on October 31, 2022, aged just 49, a statement by his family confirmed two months later.

And following an inquest, it has been confirmed that DOOM died from a rare and severe reaction to blood pressure medication, a condition medically known as angiodema. DOOM had a "severe and rare" reaction to just two doses of prescribed ACE inhibitors.

He also battled kidney disease and anxiety. The "Beef Rap" star's widow Jasmine raised concerns about her spouse's treatment at Leeds' St. James Hospital during the inquest. She claimed he was forced to call his wife when his breathing and swelling of the throat worsened because his buzzer was out of his reach.

Jasmine also went on to claim that they were allegedly two hours late administrating medication. On October 21, DOOM tried to escape from his hospital trolley, but collapsed and went into respiratory arrest.

Jasmine was also not happy with the condition of the "old-looking" room he was placed in, though she was told all of the rooms were the same. According to Leeds Live, Jasmine said, "I don't want to say it was an old storage room…it wasn't set up."

She could only get in to see her husband at the end due to COVID-19 restrictions. Jasmine said, "I was not able to see him until the 31st [of October] - that's when the respirator was turned off that was helping him breathe."

The inquest also brought up the fact that the hospital in the north of England could not get access to his medical documents from London. And how, at one stage, DOOM was showing promising signs when he was eating, drinking water, talking and his oxygen levels were back on track. St. James Hospital carried out a "serious incident investigation" and the inquiry is still ongoing.