A Harrogate chiropractor has been sharing tips and advice regarding the impact of stress on our children as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Dr Jason O’Connor from O’Connor Chiropractic has revealed the physiological changes that can occur in children should they become stressed.

These include mood changes and erratic behaviour.

He told Your Harrogate:

“There’s things that can change in the body and there’s a huge physiological response.

“You can get those behavioural changes and children can be a bit more moody. We often see grumpy teenagers but yeah it’s more when there’s irrational behaviour.

“Their whole physiology can start to change, in terms of posture, which is more stooped with rounded shoulders.”

Dr Jason also explained how this can impact digestion, as when we’re stressed we don’t feel like eating, taking the body into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

He added:

“These stresses can also lead to fatigue due to hormone changes, so getting kids out of bed might be a struggle because they want to sleep more.

“We may see a change in motivation, but blood pressure, heart rate and breathing as well. We don’t breathe properly through our diaphragm.”

There is also a difference in the way young bodies process insulin and other hormones, impacting immunity.

Oftentimes stress can bring on recurring coughs, cold and viruses due to hormonal changes.

Dr Jason said:

“Children are not taught to ask for help and so can become more internal and closed off, and as parents we’ve got to learn to ask for help and not think we’re at fault.

“Maybe we don’t want to admit we’re seeing those changes or don’t want to admit there might be something wrong with our child.

“The earlier you address it, the better.”

LISTEN: Dr Jason O’Connor gave some more information and top tips for Your Harrogate listeners:

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