Technology is advancing at an astonishing pace and at the tip of the spear is the KIESLECT Ks Pro, a smartwatch that redefines the expectations for this type of device. From its 2.01″ FHD+ AMOLED screen to its amazing autonomy, every detail of this device has been designed with excellence in mind.

In celebration of the 8th anniversary of the KIESLECT brand, the KIESLECT Ks Pro will be launched on June 12 using the exclusive code: KIESKSPRO ($10), priced at $95 for a limited time. This cell will be between 12 to 18 June.

Smartwatches have become an essential part of our daily lives, and the KeySelect KS Pro stands out as a better option with its impressive features list. Built from high-quality materials like glass on the front and metal body, this device not only provides you functionality but also an attractive and durable design.

design and screen

The KIESLECT Ks Pro has a sleek and modern design, weighs only 60g and measures 46.7*38*10.2mm, making it comfortable to wear all day long. The 2.01″ FHD+ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 410*502 pixels offers a clear and sharp display, making it easy to read and navigate the device.

The KIESLECT Ks Pro is not only known for its technology but also for the quality of the materials it is built from. Its metal body gives it superior resistance, capable of withstanding daily use without wearing out.

It comes with two types of straps: one magnetic and one silicone. The magnetic strap adds a touch of distinction and elegance, while the silicone strap is ideal when you exercise or do activities that require more resistance and flexibility. Both straps are comfortable and easily interchangeable, adapting to your needs and personal style.

It brings an elegant and timeless beauty to the device perfect for any occasion.

Operating System

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

The Ks Pro runs on KIES OS 2.0, an entirely new system designed by Kleslect to deliver a fast and smooth user experience. You can enter your personal data in the app and check your health reports including heart rate, respiration, stress level and sleep analysis etc. at any time.

Functions and Features

This smartwatch excels in its number and variety of functions. With its AI voice assistant, compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, you can control your device using voice commands.

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

Plus, thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone, it’s possible to make and receive calls right from your wrist.

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

But that’s not all, it also has 100 sports modes, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, blood oxygen meter (SPO2) and emotion monitor.

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

The Digital Crown allows for quick navigation, and its Quick Buttons can be set to perform different actions depending on whether they are pressed once, twice or thrice.

Security is another strength of this smart watch. It has password protection and an alert system when an abnormal heart rate is detected. Also, it has an SOS mode for emergencies.

This is a list of additional functions:

Abnormal Heart Rhythm Alert

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

The KIESLECT Ks Pro Smart Watch has the ability to monitor your heart rate and issue alerts when abnormal rhythms are detected. This work may be important in preventing serious health problems.

optimization function

This function allows you to customize the clock interface according to your tastes and needs, giving you the possibility to make your device truly unique.

quick button

The KIESLECT Ks Pro features a quick button that can be configured to perform different actions depending on the number of times it is pressed: once, twice, or three times. This can make it easier to access the features you use most often.

split screen

Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

The KIESLECT Ks Pro has the ability to split screen in order to show more information at the same time. This can be useful for monitoring multiple tasks at the same time.

save contact

With the KIESLECT Ks Pro, you can save contacts directly to the watch, making it easy to make quick calls and send messages.

password protection

This function allows you to protect your personal information stored in the watch with a password, ensuring the security of your data.

world Clock

World Clock allows you to view the time in different time zones, which is ideal for people who travel frequently or have contacts in different parts of the world.

music control

You can control the music on your phone directly from your wrist. You can play, pause, skip songs and even adjust the volume.

Blood Oxygen Monitor (SPO2)

This device can measure the level of oxygen in your blood, which is an important function for those who want to monitor their health in a more complete way.

heart rate monitor

In addition to the abnormal heart rate alert I was talking about earlier, the watch can also monitor your heart rate in real time.

sleep monitor

The KIESLECT Ks Pro can track your sleep patterns, giving you valuable information about the quality of your rest.

breathing exercises

The watch also offers breathing exercises that can help you relax and reduce stress.

stress tracker

The device can detect and track stress levels, helping you better manage your emotional health.

emotion monitor

Beyond stress, the KIESLECT Ks Pro can also monitor your emotions, offering a more comprehensive view of your state of mind.

remote photography

You can use the watch as a remote control to take photos with your phone, making it easy to take group photos or selfies.


Kieslect ks pro, smartwatch with large amoled screen

The KIESLECT Ks Pro also includes a number of games that you can play right from your wrist.

The calculator

Lastly, this smartwatch also includes a calculator for quick calculations anywhere and anytime.

battery and autonomy

KIESLECT Ks Pro is equipped with a 280MAH battery, which allows for an impressive autonomy of up to 20-25 days in standby mode and up to 5 days of daily use.


The KIESLECT Ks Pro represents a step forward in the world of smartwatches. It not only meets the expectations but also exceeds them while offering a highly functional and attractive device. It is more than a simple accessory, it becomes an essential companion for day to day, providing comfort, protection and health to your wrist.


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Established in 2015, KIESLECT is an innovative brand that seeks to redefine the smartwatch industry. KIESLECT focuses on creativity, authenticity and advanced wireless technology to provide high-quality and elegant smartwatches.

For more information about the KIESLECT Ks Pro smartwatch and other KIESLECT products, please visit the KIESLECT official website.

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