ANN/THE KATHMANDU POST – Not everyone enjoys going to the gym. Not only are membership expensive, some of us prefer to exercise in our homes and private spaces. For those who prefer the latter, aerobic exercises may be the way to stay healthy.

Aerobic exercise is a general term refering to any activity involving movement and breathing.

There is a vast variety of aerobic exercises, each with unique benefits. Understanding these effects and how they affect health and fitness is important before engaging in any physical activity.

Fitness instructor and nutritionist Sadikshya Vaidya has been working in the fitness industry for two years. Her job is to assist people in improving their overall health, and self-confidence. Vaidhya highlighted how aerobic exercise can improve one’s daily lives, boost self-esteem, and enhance overall health.


Any physical activity that increases your heart rate can be classified as aerobic exercise.

These activities range from aerial dance, cycling to rowing machines, in-line skating, fitness walking, jump rope, running and swimming.


The term ‘aerobics’ is derived from the Greek words aero and bios which translate to ‘air’ and ‘life’ respectively.

This indicates that the body utilises oxygen to generate energy during aerobic activity.

Aerobic exercise typically entails continuous and rhythmic movements, making it an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and endurance.

Aerobic exercise has been recognised for its ability to improve heart health. This is achieved by enhancing the cardiovascular system, which includes increasing breathing rate and expanding lung capacity.

Interestingly, aerobic exercise can also be very effective in aiding weight management. It can help individuals maintain healthy weight or shed excess pounds.

In addition to its physical benefits, aerobic exercise has been linked to improved mental health. Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to contribute to better sleep and can even help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Overall, the benefits of aerobic exercise are vast and varied, making it an ideal form of physical activity for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being.


Before beginning an aerobics workout, performing dynamic stretches to properly prime your body for physical exertion and facilitate adequate blood flow is highly recommended. After the primary workout, it is crucial to gradually transition into a cool-down phase to allow your heart rate to return to its normal resting state.

It is important to note that cooling down is an integral aspect of any workout regimen and should not be neglected.

If the aim is to build muscles then having a routine involving both strength training and aerobic exercise is beneficial. There are five key factors to consider when it comes to effective aerobic exercise.

Intensity refers to the effort put into the workout. Frequency is how often one exercises per week.

The length of the exercise relates to the duration of the training session. Progression is the gradual increase in activity level over time.

The last is the variety of workouts. If you only do one type of exercise every day, it can get boring.

However, if you try out various aerobics workouts, you can enjoy a variety of exercises.


There are many aerobic exercises that one can do, but they are mainly divided into two categories: lower-impact aerobic exercises and higher-impact aerobic exercises.

Low-impact exercises include walking, swimming, cycling on an elliptical and other similar activities. Higher-impact aerobics includes high-intensity exercises such as running, jumping rope or step aerobics.


Many people who exercise are looking to enhance their body composition, lose fat and gain muscle. To achieve this objective, strength training is considered the most effective approach.

This exercise provides muscle stimulation. It involves lifting weights, performing exercises with resistance bands, or using one’s own body weight to build muscle.

However, in contrast, aerobic exercise may not contribute significantly to building muscle strength and size, but it has proven beneficial for cardiovascular health and endurance.

Additionally, it is an effective way to reduce body fat. By incorporating strength and aerobic exercises into your workout routine, you can achieve a well-rounded approach to improving your overall health and fitness. – Rukusha Giri

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