The new Honor Watch 4 has just been launched in Spain, it comes with a price of 169 euros for a watch with an AMOLED screen, up to 14 days of autonomy and a careful design.

The Honor Watch 4 is the new smartwatch from the Asian firm. Among its main novelties is its screen, autonomy and price. In fact, it is a device that hits the market with a price tag of 169 euros, which places it in a sector close to that of high-priced devices and, therefore, its benefits must be consistent.

1.75-inch AMOLED screen. This panel has a touch sampling rate of up to 120 Hz that should not be confused with the refresh rate which, in this case, remains at 60 Hz. By having a panel with this technology, the brightness of the screen will allow that everything can be seen correctly both in broad daylight.

Up to 14 days of autonomy. Honor indicates that its smart watch can offer up to two weeks of autonomy, although that will have to be verified in the analysis. The figure is not unreasonable, although as indicated by the brand it can be reached with the watch in its normal use mode, without the need to activate battery saving modes or similar that limit the device.

451mAh battery. This is the capacity of the battery that is integrated into the Honor Watch 4 and that will allow the device to be linked to the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth 5.2, in addition to being able to count on GPS for the position when carrying out any type of outdoor exercise that requires tracking such as biking or running.

New Honor Watch 4: this is the smart watch with two weeks of autonomy

300 spheres to choose from. Honor seems to have done a design exercise when it comes to creating spheres to choose from, raising the number in such a way that users can spend several minutes choosing the sphere that best suits them. Of course, it is unknown if personalized or user-generated spheres will be allowed; although everything indicates that it is not.

Honor Health as a tracking app. This will be an app that users will have to install on their devices to be able to manage the Honor Watch 4 watch. In addition, the watch integrates sensors that measure heart rate, breathing, stress, sleep, and the amount of oxygen in the blood to have maximum control of all body parameters.

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