BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the former kickboxer and controversial influencer, shared a video in which he claimed that he has been poisioned and was having difficulty breathing. He tweeted a video of his red skin and swollen face while claiming that he had just consumed coffee and water prior to the symptoms.


Later, all of his social media platforms had these posts removed, but other users had saved the video and had re-posted it. The posts received negative comments from many users.


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Tate claims to be poisioned

The claim Andrew Tate has made about being "poisoned" in the now-deleted video are similar to those he made in January, when he claimed "The Matrix" had "attacked" him and that he had been sent to the hospital.


Tate wrote on Facebook: "Face bloated, blood pressure is sky high. Skin is burning. breath is difficult. Some sort of poison." He said that he is gathering energy and sipping tea despite his symptoms, which have caused his eyes to almost completely swell shut, The Sun had reported at the time.

Tate claimed he had never experienced a reaction like this and that he is not allergic to anything. He went on to say, "Either an insect bite or some matrix attack insanity in his bottled water." Before Andrew deleted his posts from his social media, a user captured it and shared saying, "Andrew Tate gets 'some sort of severe reaction or poison.' Swollen face and can't breathe properly!"


'Shame it’s not terminal… drama queen'

As soon as Tate's followers saw the video, they started criticizing the kickboxer. A user reacted saying, "Shame it’s not terminal… drama queen."



The other one said, "And the idiot there is just recording him NOT calling an ambulance. The f***ing stupidity he surrounds himself with is astounding. Unreal....."



Another user added, "Why the actual f*** would they poisoned Andrew Tate the top g he did nothing wrong what the actual fuck #Save top g"


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