One thing that has been helping to improve our lives is being able to be calm and take time when strictly necessary. Breathing is one of the things that we can control and this will improve almost any aspect of our lives, whether we are nervous, doing sports or other daily routines.

This consists of techniques, so it is advisable to know how to act, doing this makes it possible for you to carry with you a better habit of life, which is what is sought by many millions of people. Despite this, an important step if you need an improvement on itis to use the search engine and start doing some other of the many exercises available, where you have to do a few small steps.

In this tutorial you will learn how to do breathing exercises on google, which has different methods, which have been tested by experts in the field. It is important to follow each one of them if you need to improve, which is one of the things that millions of people around the world already do, as well as being posted by experts in relaxation and body improvements.

The relaxation method


Experts in the field have always explained that these serve to disconnect, thus removing any of the things that happen around us. Relaxing is not always easy, that’s why you should start doing different things and get into it a little later if necessary, which is pretty normal in this matter.

With the breathing exercise you work to improve stress, but not only this, but also some specific pain in an area, as well as other things that can disturb us. At the end of the day, if you manage to work each thingThis will make it possible for you to have a better life as the days go by.

One of the ones that are being done a lot over time is the turn of the shoulders, is one of the warm-up and necessary if you need to start from the base. This is also recommended by Google, which is usually a tool that pulls those things that are highly regarded by experienced people.

First exercise, breathing with Google

Google breathing exercises

The first of Google’s breathing exercises is to inspire and breathe, for this a small audio is used with a clip posted on the main page. You must go maintaining the air and expelling when you say it, this is essential to start starting in the different exercises with the search engine.

It will take you just a few seconds to do this, you can repeat it if it does not stop, which is sometimes advisable and is usually good for our body. Advisable on the other hand that you can share thisfor this it has the symbol button, copy the link and take it to the application of your choice.

This breathing exercise is the basic one, the one recommended by doctors, yoga teachers and many other professionals in the sector. Google will show it to you just by putting “Google breathing exercise”, It will do it in the form of a doodle, with a drawing and that you must follow to complete it 100%.

With the help of Google Fit

Google Fit app

A perfect tool for breathing exercises with Google is the well-known “Google Fit”. Starting this exercise involves using a band with the Wear OS operating system, if you don’t have it installed you can do this with one that is compatible and installing the application on your device and connecting the band to the phone.

If you have a smartwatch with Wear OS this will be easier, at least that’s what Google says on the page where it mentions how to do this in a few steps. Google Fit is an app that we have access to in the Play Storea store where you have, in addition to this, other apps with which to work and function with it.

To do breathing exercises with Google FitDo the following:

  • Press on the screen if it is idlein attenuation it will also be worth
  • Click the power button to launch the app list
  • You must click on “Fit breathing” to start and start doing what it tells you from the screen
  • It is recommended that you do it with the steps that it tells you on the screen of your phone / smart band
  • Once you finish you will have a complete report of your breathing and see if you can improve, it is important at least to do this almost weekly

With an extension in your Chrome browser

Chrome breathing exercises

One of the advantages of the Google Chrome browser is having a good number of extensionsYou probably don’t know all of them, but many are very useful. One of the popular ones in breathing exercises is called “5 Minute Meditation and Breathing Exercises” and you have it available for the app.

You need to have a computer web browser for later installation, it weighs just under a few kilobytes and is functional. It takes about four or five steps to get up and running with it.obtaining both the exercise of breathing and meditating, the second is another of the advisable ones.

If you want to install this extension in ChromeDo the following:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser on the computer
  • Download the extension at this linkrequires that you click on the “Add to Chrome” button and click on “Continue with the installation”
  • Once you install it, go to the three points and “Extensions”open the one that appears as new and that’s it

Download and use the Google Fit app for breathing exercises

Take your breathing exercises with Google Fit It can be done from the application itself, if you need to do this, download it and start working with it. Once you open it, it has some plans, you have one called “Breath”, click on it and wait for it to load.

Follow the corresponding steps to have it, it is also recommended that once it starts to do this completely as indicated, you will get an improvement in all senses over time.

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