Experience personalized, holistic heart health tracking with the Frontier X2 Smart Heart Monitor. Designed for use during any activity—sports, exercise, sleep, work, or leisure—the Frontier X2 measures a continuous ECG for 24 hours. It works on the go—anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the Frontier X2 simultaneously measures heart rate, breathing rate, strain, heart rate variability, and step cadence. This is amongst many other such metrics. This gives you an accurate picture of HOW your heart is doing as opposed to WHAT it is doing.


This device is great for those who either want to get feedback on their heart recovery (under supervision) or take their training to the next level, following activity. The Frontier X2 offers so much more than smartwatches in this category, which often require you to remain still for a 30–60 second segment. What’s more, the Frontier X2 fits right into your fitness ecosystem, syncing as an HRM with other devices via Bluetooth.

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