The HAMMER Robust smartwatch is an innovative wearable that combines style and functionality. With its large 1.96" Square AMOLED display, a 410*502 Resolution, and a 60Hz refresh rate, the Robust ensures a crisp and engaging visual experience. Bask in strong Bluetooth connectivity with hassle-free, clear calling. The Raise-to-wake enabled, password protected, IP67 water resistance integrated HAMMER Robust guarantees a durable partner, even in challenging environments. Control messaging, weather profiles, music shuffle, stopwatch laps, reminders and timer, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, and camera, and media control convenience from your wrist.

The Robust functions on the app FitCloudPro to run with multipurpose functionality, offering multilingual support and 12/24-hour time format. Stay on top of your health with the smartwatch’s comprehensive tracking capabilities, including sleep monitoring, breathing work, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, temperature, and women's health tracking. Customize your watch face with 100 + wallpapers from the app, 4 menu styles, 100+ sports modes over the built-in 8 modes, and unlock features like AOD, Business Card collection, DND, and torch, among other tech specs.

The Glide boasts a striking 1.43" Round AMOLED display with a 466*466 resolution 60 Hz refresh rate, creating a vibrant touch interface. Users can enjoy strong Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in speaker and a microphone that enhances the calling experience. Security and customization are assured with password protection, multiple watch faces, and IP67 water resistance for worry-free usage. The watch provides 5 menu styles, access to 2 AOD customizations – Analog and Digital, a Business Card collection, over 100 wallpapers, and 100+ sports modes through the supportive app, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts can track and analyse their activities with ease.

The Glide smartwatch also prioritizes health tracking with features such as heart rate tracking, blood pressure monitoring, SpO2 measurement, sleep monitoring, breath work, and a dedicated female health tracker so users can make informed lifestyle choices. The power-saving mode and adjustable vibration and brightness help optimise battery life and personalise user experience. Users can take advantage of the voice assistant feature, call, and media control and enjoy a wide range of functionalities, including Raise-to-wake, weather updates, stopwatch, music control, camera control, alarm, stopwatch timer, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Rohit Nandwani, HAMMER Founder and COO, said, “We are eager to launch the HAMMER Robust and the Glide, which combine innovative technology, style, and practicality. We are elated with the products' wide-ranging functionality that supports the wearer from sunrise and in slumber. With their comprehensive health tracking seamless connectivity, the entire HAMMER catalogue offers an immersive experience. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a tech lover, or someone seeking convenience on their wrist, the smartwatch launches are the perfect companions for extending fitness intuition."

Robust and Glide are compatible with iOS and Android platforms, ensuring broad accessibility. The app provides a 12-hour time format to suit individual preferences. HAMMER’s technology seeks to innovate contemporary wearables that are multifunctional, comfortable yet athletic, designed to cater to the discerning tech consumer. Interested consumers can buy the product from the official website- hammeronline.in/ and on Amazon.

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