There are many people who love to practice yoga, but not everyone knows the 5 exercises you can do in a short time: they are essential.

Yoga is a discipline that focuses particularly on the breath and the connection of the body perceived as a single whole.

Despite what many imagine, this type of discipline can complement other types of training. Let’s talk, for example, about running. Combining yoga with the runner allows you to have greater awareness of your breathing, oxygenating the tissues to the fullest.

The benefits of this combination, however, are by no means finished here. In addition to having excellent results in terms of breathing, you have the opportunity to see improvements in body flexibility and a reduction in muscle tension.

The 5 perfect yoga positions for every runner

If you love yoga too, but you never give up on a healthy running session, here are the best exercises to do.

This is how to perform the low dog position – TantaSalute.itAdho Muk Virasana: thanks to this position it is possible to stretch the spine and significantly improve the mobility of the hips and the opening of the shoulders. To perform it you have to sit with your knees outward; then you must inhale while stretching your hands above your head and then exhale and lower them by pressing them towards the floor with force. To be performed for at least 20 secondsAdho Muk Svananasana: also known as low dog, it is used to stretch the spine and reduce tension on the shoulder blades. From an upright position you have to lower yourself keeping your feet in contact with the floor and bringing your hands forward in order to try to recreate an inverted v as best as possible. To be performed for at least 20 secondsMalasana: serves to mobilize the hips and strengthen the legs. We start by keeping the legs apart and then squat down by bending the knees and directing them outwards, trying to bring the pelvis as much as possible towards the heels. Perform at least three repetitions on each sideAnjaneyasana: It is used for the hamstrings and also to stretch the psoas. The starting position is on your knees with your buttocks raised and your arms along your sides; you have to bring one foot in front and shift the weight on it when you inhale, and then bring the weight on the back leg and bring the bust closer to the front one. Perform at least three repetitions on each sideSuptavirasana: it is used to improve the elasticity of the knees and stretch the quadriceps, but obviously it should be avoided in the case of knee problems. It starts by kneeling and with the arms along the body; then you have to bring your calves outwards just before sitting in contact with the floor; after 5 seconds you place your elbows and forearms on the ground and after another 5 seconds you have to bring your back to completely touch the floor and put your arms along your sides

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