The third season of the highly acclaimed anime “Demon Slayer” kicked things off by introducing the mightiest demons working for Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King himself, the first of his kind, and the progenitor of all other Demons in existence. 

These powerful demons can just be ranked according to their strength. Leading them is Akaza, followed by Doma and Kokushibo. Akaza and Doma are two equally interesting characters in the anime, but we’re zooming it in for Kokushibo in this article. Though Kokushibo doesn’t rank number one and is a secondary villain, he has proven to be one of the most interesting – and intriguing – characters in “Demon Slayer.”

Who Is Kokushibo?

He is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, an organization that comprises the strongest beings amongst demon-kind. Kokushibo also holds the highest position of Upper-Rank One. 

Well, he is actually considered the second-strongest demon after only Kibutsuji, the Demon King. He turned into a demon during the Sengoku Era, dubbed the “Golden Age of Demon Slayers.”

Kokushibo is renowned for his delicate mastery of the sword and formidable array of capabilities. Interestingly enough, he was formerly a Demon Slayer – yes, like the story’s hero, Tanjiro Kamado. As such, Kokushibo honed his skills and devised his very own unique breath style known as Moon Breathing, ranked second in terms of the most vigorous breath styles.

His Intriguing Backstory

Kokushibo is not your average character, or villain, at that. You know that he carries an intriguing backstory connected with one of the most significant characters in the anime, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest Demon Slayer in history. 

When Kokushibo was still a human, he was a twin brother to Tsugikuni, who also invented the breathing techniques. 

Tsugikuni is, without a doubt, a whole lot stronger than Kokushibo, so the latter was consumed with jealousy, envying his twin brother’s strength and unmatched talents. 

But Kokushibo did not simply let this jealousy become just jealousy, but actually worked his way up by turning into a Demon and monster, eventually becoming second only to the Demon King. 

Did His Six Eyes Also Pique Your Interest? Here’s Why He’s Got Them

Kokushibo is also known for having six eyes, which is quite unconventional, obviously. Though the manga series did not provide any explanation for this, we can explain this look of his by relying on clues. 

He eventually became one of the strongest demons since he got the highest concentration of Kibutsuji’s blood. His primary skill is also the ability to manipulate flesh and transform it into weapons. This allowed him to have six eyes. But why so many eyes?

A possible explanation for this is upon the significance of the “number six,” and how this associates with Kokushibo and Tsugikuni.

Avid “Demon Slayer” fans know that the Yoriichi Type Zero was a puppet patterned after the legendary swordsman, Tsukiguni himself. Now this puppet had six arms, unlike the usual two, depicting the legendary swordsman’s movements. 

Furthermore, nobody knows the strength of Tsukiguni other than his twin brother, and the latter wishes to match this. He then came to develop six eyes to have better vision. Having more eyes means more power. Somehow, these have become his answer to Tsukiguni’s strength, perceiving his twin brother’s superhuman movements that also allowed him to defeat the likes of Kibutsuji nearly.

Now you know Kokushibo a little bit better. For more “Demon Slayer” stories here on PVP Live, visit this link.

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