Breathing exercise may help manage panic attack: Expert

Anxiety is a frequent psychiatric disorder (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Panic attack almost feels like a heart attack, says expert. Check tips how to manage it

The primary physical manifestation of anxiety is our body’s reaction to a perceived threat or danger. Anxiety is a relatively frequent psychiatric disorder. As a result, it is a typical response to stressful circumstances and can keep us alert and concentrated.

According to Anugrah Edmonds Counseling Psychologist, “An anxiety attack is a rapid and severe episode of dread, panic, and discomfort, that can occur when anxiety gets so severe as to be completely incapacitating. This circumstance may arise when someone is concerned about something unpleasant happening.” She said, when a person experiences anxiety attack, the breathing and heart rate in the body of the person elevates, along with increase in body temperature.”

Panic attack almost feels like a heart attack. It usually refers to dread or anxiety over a certain issue or topic. Knowing how to stop anxiety attacks is crucial since it may be a terrifying experience, added Edmonds. However, by focussing on the breathing or breathing exercise helps to calm down the palpitation. This also helps to normalise the heart rate too. Moreover, there are therapies and medications to control panic attacks.

Adrenaline is the hormone in charge of the fight-or-flight response. The rapid release of this hormone prepares the body to flee from danger or to engage it physically.

Tips to manage panic attacks

Since a variety of circumstances can cause panic attacks, experts suggest that patients should learn to manage anxiety. Manage your anxiety to prevent it from turning into a panic attack is the key. The fundamental technique one might use is to concentrate on breathing. Pull your focus to regular breathing if your anxiety levels are rising, he said. Deep breathing won’t assist at all, the specialist said.

According to science, excessive worry causes panic attacks by introducing an excessive amount of oxygen into the body. Therefore, in order to balance anxiety levels, one should concentrate on normal breathing for at least five to ten minutes.

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