Looking to treat yourself or your kids to a brand new Fitbit watch? We’ve rounded up the best Fitbits deals on Amazon, most of which weren’t even that cheap on Prime Day last week!

When you have the right tools, tracking your fitness journey and everyday health metrics can be easy. One such tool is a smart fitness watch that can measure everything from your heart rhythm to how much you use during each sleep stage. Fitbit – with its range of smartwatch deals – can do just that, and for a limited time you can save big on new Fitbit models selling even cheaper than Prime Day. Below are our top picks of watches that are perfect for you or your kids, because it’s never too early to start monitoring holistic wellbeing.

Best fitness watch for kids on sale

Why we like it

The Fitbit Ace 3(opens in a new tab) is an ideal activity tracker for children aged six and over. It encourages healthy habits by rewarding your little ones with fun badges and letting them choose their own animated watch faces. After all, fitness doesn’t have to be boring. The Ace 3 also takes care of the children’s sleep quality through sleep tracking, bedtime reminders and alarms. It’s water-resistant and has eight days of battery life, so kids can run around and play in the pool with the Ace 3 – without fear of it giving up the ghost in the middle of the week.

Best fitness watch that doubles as a jewelry offering

Why we like it

Who said fitness watches have to be bulky and unfashionable? The Fitbit Luxe(opens in a new tab) certainly doesn’t subscribe to that theory – it’s sleek, trendy, has a bright color display, and therefore can also double as a piece of jewelry (when jewelry could enable 24/7 heart-rate monitoring and breath-rate analysis). The Luxe also lets you participate in guided breathing exercises on your wrist, which are reflected in your Fitbit app’s stress management score. Now is the time to become your most active and healthy self.

Best Apple Watch Alternative Deal

Why we like it

The Fitbit Sense 2(opens in a new tab) is the most expensive of all our “top picks,” but for good reason. It’s packed with features like guided meditations, tracking of 10 key sleep metrics, atrial fibrillation assessments, a Daily Readiness Score that shows what level of exercise you’re ready for on any given day, and more. Whether you’re into cycling, Pilates, getting your heart rate up with some HIIT, or just stretching, the Sense 2 can accurately track over 40 different workout modes. For the runners among us, there’s a GPS that records real-time pace and distance outdoors.

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