The good effects of harp music have been thoroughly documented. Studies have shown beneficial relationships with harp music in body responses such as blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Studies have shown that heart rate decreases and that oxygen levels increase when harp music is played. In addition, research has confirmed beneficial effects on perceived levels of pain, anxiety and positive emotions. Harp music from promotes a sense of comfort, warmth, and security. More and more hospitals are now hiring harp players to provide their patients with cool music.

The shape of the metal itself has been made romantic and man-made over time. The wood used to make the tool is generally considered sacred. Hub decoration can reflect the life events of the previous harp.

Why You Should Play The Harp


Not only is the musical instrument itself a spectacular art to look at, harp music is magical and soothing. The first notes of the harp already sounded beautiful; even exercise sounds great!

Creating a good mood is very satisfying for you and the people who listen to it. Making music, as well as learning process helps one to gain concentration, confidence, freedom of speech and creativity

Making music allows a person to create emotions and express themselves through the movement of our hands on our object. Hub students are a supportive group and love to encourage one another. It’s fun!


You are not old enough to start! The harp comes in a variety of sizes and has a variety of music to suit your taste in both lever or pedal harps.

Some adult harpists have played piano or other instruments before, while others are completely new to music. Either way is a great place to start, which requires dedication and love!

It can lead to rewarding work

Hubs have more options than other artists. You can play in an orchestra or in a choir; for private events, weddings, corporate events, elite parties or religious services. You can teach in school or in private.

It can be used as a healing tool

The cool sounds are very relaxing. Bright tones move the whole body. Music can affect us emotionally and emotionally. A quiet harp can refresh the air and aid in healing.

Learning a musical instrument is good for you

It provides structure in your life and builds focus and time management skills. Play promotes freedom of thought and expression. There is satisfaction in studying a challenging tool

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