A man from Cleveland recently said that his Apple watch saved his life.

According to reports, Ken Counihan, a native of Cleveland, tracked health statistics, including sleep and exercise, using his Apple watch like many other people.

However, his Apple watch alerted him in October that his breathing rate had increased from 14 to about 18 breaths per minute. After receiving an X-ray at an outpatient facility, he was given some bronchitis medicine and mistook his condition for mild sickness.

Nonetheless, he made the decision to visit the emergency hospital when the watch again warned him that something was wrong and his blood oxygen levels had fallen.

As Counihan's blood oxygen levels dropped to the mid-80s, he had more scans, and this time, medical professionals found blood clots around his lungs. Speaking about blood clots, Dr. Lucy Franjic, an emergency medical physician at Cleveland Clinic, said that they can become life-threatening if not caught early enough.

Speaking about this condition, Ken Counihan said that the doctor told him that if he had gone to bed instead, he might not have awakened the next morning.

However, this is not the first incident of the Apple watch saving customers’ lives. Earlier, tech reporter Torav Østvang credited his Apple Watch Series 4 for saving him from potentially needing surgery after he fainted and fell face-first on the bathroom floor.The Apple Watch has many advanced health monitoring features, such as fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen level tracking that could help detect various health issues early on, allowing users to seek medical attention and potentially saving lives.


Q1- What are the features that the Apple Watch has?
The Apple Watch offers a range of features and capabilities, such as health and fitness tracking, notifications and media playback, navigation, and water resistance.

Q2- When was the first Apple Watch released?
The first Apple Watch was released on April 24, 2015.

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