Stationary cycling, which began to be practiced in the late 1980s in the United States, is a physical activity known for its multiple benefits for physical and mental health. Now it has various modalities such as training bikewhere participants are motivated to maintain a certain pace of exercise with different intensities and a variety of music. This allows you to exercise the whole body, but mainly the lower body.

The Training Bike instructor of Gold’s Gym MontalbánRonald Mendoza, pointed out that in this aerobic discipline “a diversity of muscles are activated, from the upper body to the lower body, through the different muscular contractions that are executed. Our classes are carried out so that the work is muscular and not articulate, the incidence is in the lower train through the movements we make in the different joints ”.

He indicated that the constant practice of this modality of stationary cycling “improves the response capacity or coordination of the participant, as well as strength and power, and It positively affects the cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic systems”.

The instructor pointed out that “because it is an aerobic physical activity where caloric consumption is prominent, in some phases of the classes it can affect muscle gain, especially focused on the lower body, so I would recommend it to lower weight or decrease fat and to gain muscle.

Training Bike Classes

Mendoza explained that the Gold’s Gym Montalbán classes are structured in three phases: the first phase of general conditioning“which is in charge of taking the body from a state of rest to that of physical activity, activating the different muscle groups and raising body temperature and heart rate.”

The second is from exercise or aerobic work clearly said, “andAt this stage the intensity will depend on the movement patterns and double times that they place for the participants ”.

Finally, the third phase or descent known as Cool down“which focuses on controlling breathing, lowering the heart rate and guiding the body to a state of relaxation, with the final stretch to avoid future injuries, and to finish the activity in a state similar to when the class began” .

He indicated that a Training Bike session lasts from 45 to 55 minutes and in the case of the “Super Classes” they can be extended from 60 to 120 minutes, “but that will be linked to several factors, the number of instructors participating, the type of class that is being offered to the participant, and if the group of students is already consistent with the activity, if they have experience and have sufficient physical resistance”.

Mendoza pointed out that “anyone can practice this discipline, as long as you do not have any medical contraindications and your extremities can be adapted to the structure of the bicycle”.

He pointed out that the intensity of the classes varies according to the resistance of the group, so the instructor is permanently attentive to verify if there are beginners in the room, to give recommendations, or if the students who are participating already know the routines of the class. program.

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Source: Gold’s Gym-Comstat Rowland Strategic Communications

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