Demon Slayer features many exciting and powerful characters as demons or demon slayers. Demons utilize supernatural powers to effectively fight Demon Slayers or capture their prey. Demon Slayers, on the other hand, have honed their combat abilities through rigorous training. The best of them have attained a level of mastery that puts them on equal or superior grounds to demons.

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The powers displayed by both demons and humans alike have attributes that can be likened to the four major elements as seen in Avatar. Their unique fighting styles will earn these characters their place in the bending world were they to have been featured as benders in Avatar.

9 Tanjiro Would Be An Excellent Waterbender Or Firebender

Tanjiro had to suffer losing his family to a demon and his only surviving family member was turned into a demon. Tanjiro received brutal training on his quest to find a cure for Nezuko and take down the demon responsible for all his suffering, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Tanjiro first leaned to use the fighting style known as Water Breathing, a style that allows him to mimic certain attributes of water. Tanjiro later learned to use the Hinokami Kagura, also known as Sun Breathing. With this style, Tanjiro is able to unleash several fire-based attacks. All these attributes will help Tanjiro fit into Avatar, either as a water or firebender.

8 Rengoku Would Be A Fiery Firebender

Rengoku was the Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. He was an excellent swordsman who utilized incredibly powerful techniques to keep up with and overpower strong demons. Rengoku made use of the Flame Breathing technique, giving his fighting style a fiery feel to it.

Flame breathing has nine forms, all of which Rengoku could unleash with impressive power. Rengoku's final form, which was named after his family, was particularly impressive. The end result of this form is a visualization of a pillar of fire that engulfs his surroundings and his opponent. Rengoku would definitely be firebender material in Avatar.

7 Sanemi Would Be Perfect For Airbending

Sanemi is a hot-tempered Demon Slayer who harbors a very deep hatred for demons, which makes sense considering the carnage demons can leave in their wake. Sanemi is all about destroying demons, and he uses his powerful fighting techniques to live up to his title as a Hashira.

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He utilizes the Wind Breathing technique which is akin to airbending. With this technique, Sanemi is nearly unstoppable, having reached the peak of his physical strength and fighting skills through rigorous training. Sanemi could easily take down scores of demons at once by unleashing his powerful techniques in patterns that are much like destructive winds tearing his target apart.

6 Gyomei Would Be A Powerful Earthbender

Gyomei is the very definition of a boulder. His huge size and large muscles make him the perfect figure for earthbending. He is known as the strongest Hashira for good reason. Gyomei may not the best in every regard, but his overall strength is unmatched among the Hashira. His fighting style is the culmination of hard work and brutal training.

Gyomei uses Stone Breathing to deadly effect when dealing with demons, even though he's blind. These traits make him much like Toph, the world's greatest earthbender. Just as Gyomei's blindness made him heighten his other senses, he'd have made a great earthbender like Toph, who became attuned to the earth and reached the pinnacle of earthbenders.

5 Nezuko Would Be A Great Firebender

Nezuko is a direct victim of Muzan, as it was Muzan himself who personally turned her into a demon. She and her brother Tanjiro have an unbreakable bond. This bond led Nezuko to unlock her Blood Demon Art, which allows her to ignite her blood and incinerate only specific targets.

Nezuko's Blood Demon Art is such a handy ability that it saved the lives of her brother and friends in the Entertainment District Arc. Her flaming blood may engulf a person but will not burn them. Should those flames come in contact with a demon, however, they'd be in for a world of hurt.

4 Akaza Would Be A Destructive Airbender

Akaza was the first Upper Rank demon fans ever got the chance to see. He showed up to fight Kyojuro Rengoku and their battle was beyond epic, to say the least. Akaza put into perspective just how difficult it would be to defeat an Upper Rank demon.

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Akaza uses a fighting style known as Destructive Death. This technique is similar to airbending and is rightly named Air Type. Akaza is able to punch the air with tremendous force and the resulting shockwave is felt in full force by his target. He is able to unleash this attack multiple times and relentlessly. This looks more like an airbending punch than anything else.

3 Zenitsu Would Be Perfect For Wielding The Lightning Sub-Element

Zenitsu may come off as a coward, but he uses one of the most powerful breathing styles in the entire series: Thunder Breathing. With this technique, Zenitsu is able to move at blistering speeds. Zenitsu is also a master of the quick draw, allowing him to move at very high speeds and behead his targets before they even realize they're headless.

This technique would make Zenitsu the ideal lightningbender in Avatar. Almost every anime character with the lightning ability turn out to be exceptionally strong and Zenitsu is no exception. Thunder Breathing makes Zenitsu an unstoppable force in a battle.

2 Giyu Tomioka Would Be An Even Better Waterbender Than Tanjiro

Giyu Tomioka was the first Demon Slayer and Hashira seen in the series. Like all the other Hashira, Giyu is incredibly strong and highly skilled with the sword. He was the one who set Tanjiro on the path to becoming a Demon Slayer. Giyu uses the Water Breathing technique, making him a great pick for a waterbender in Avatar.

Giyu is so adept at Water Breathing that he even created the eleventh form of Water Breathing, which previously only had ten forms. Even Tanjiro has admitted that he will never be as good at Water Breathing as Giyu. Giyu uses the same breathing technique as Tanjiro but with more power and precision behind each swing of the sword.

1 Gyutaro Would Be A Terrifying Bloodbender

Bloodbending is one of the scariest bending styles in Avatar. It is a sub-form of waterbending that allows the waterbender to control the blood of living creatures. Demon Slayer's Gyutaro could take this technique even further. Gyutaro's Blood Demon Art allows him to send out slashes of his own blood at his targets or even completely destroy his surroundings.

With this ability, Gyutaro was a truly fearsome demon. He would have been a terrifying opponent to face if he could use this ability in Avatar. As a bloodbender, he'd have been able to not just control his opponents with their blood, but he could also use their blood as tangible weapons against them.

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