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Many variations can be followed in yoga as there are a lot of options. However, many myths may keep you from trying it

New Delhi: Yoga is one of the most widely practiced workouts across the world. According to experts, yoga is highly beneficial for various health aspects, including relief from pain, increased strength and flexibility, better breathing, weight management, and good blood circulation.

Many variations can be followed in yoga as there are a lot of options. However, many myths may keep you from trying it.

A few myths to bust are:

Can’t do yoga because of back pain

Yoga experts disqualify this claim that back pain is a big hindrance to doing yoga poses. The experts say yoga can be modified for any medical condition as it is not a high-intensity exercise.

Also, if there is bad back pain, your doctor can help you change the poses so that it does not interfere with your posture. Also, check with your doctor if there is any movement you shouldn’t be making.

Your yoga instructor can show you modifications for different positions.

Yoga is only for women

Yoga helps improve joint mobility in both men and women equally. Also, it helps promote good posture and muscle control and involves many of the smaller stabilizing muscles and tendons that may not get the same attention and stimulation while doing other workouts.

You need to be flexible to do yoga

Only young people can practice yoga

According to experts, most yoga learners and enthusiasts are people older than 60 years old.

Yoga is only about stretching

Yoga indeed helps in stretching your muscles and helping them build your frame stronger, but the exercise is much more than that.

Yoga also helps boost heart and lung function, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help with managing addiction.

You can practice yoga only if you are religious and spiritual

Yoga is done as an exercise that helps you keep fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

According to practitioners, there has been a widely believed misconception that only practicing Hindus can perform

However, it is a fact about Yoga that it did develop within Hinduism, but it is much more than religion and spirituality and can be practiced in a completely secular way.

If I do high-intensity exercises, yoga is not for me

Yoga has strengthening, restorative, and meditative aspects but that doesn’t mean you cannot practice it alongside other exercises that you follow.

Experts believe that by doing yoga, you can perform better in other activities like strength training and aerobic exercises. Since yoga helps aid active recovery, its regular practice also helps in healing injuries caused by other exercises.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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