Manga and anime fans alike have loved Mitsuri Kanroji ever since her very first appearance in Demon Slayer. Her unique look and bubbly personality made her a fan-favorite character even before her big moment came in the Swordsmith Village arc

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Kanroji is sure to be a great comic-relief character throughout the season, and that fact was already highlighted in the first episode shown in "To The Swordsmith Village." Still, fans can rest assured that they'll be seeing a lot more of Kanroji when the season officially airs in early April.



10 Mitsuri’s Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude

Mitsuri Kanroji looks affectionate in Demon Slayer.

Kanroji is often smiling even when she's angry, and expects the most from everyone — even demons. While she is easily hurt by the simplest of things, she is even quicker to forgive and forget.

One great scene that showcases this is when she tells Tanjiro how offended she is that Genya ignored her. She's visibly hurt; that is until Tanjiro suggests they get something to eat, at which point she goes skipping away happily as though nothing ever happened.

9 Mitsuri’s Brute Strength

Kanroji’s muscle density in demon slayer manga

Kanroji is not just one of the fastest hashira; she is also one of the strongest in terms of pure physical strength. This is due to her abnormal muscle density, which is eight times greater than that of a normal human being.

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Kanroji abnormal strength was such that when she was only 14 months old, she was able to lift a 33-pound rock over her head with minimal effort. This strength comes in handy during her fight with the Upper Rank 4 as Kanroji is able to take his strongest ability head-on and emerge from it in one piece.

8 Mitsuri’s Acrobatic Moves

Kanroji’s flexibility in demon slayer manga

Kanroji’s inhuman strength, speed, and flexibility allow her to pull off movements that would be utterly impossible for other hashira. Kanroji is just as graceful as she is powerful, and she pulls off some of the series' most impressive maneuvers as a result.

Kanroji's Love Breathing is all about utilizing her nearly supernatural physical strength and speed to attack her opponents in unpredictable ways. Considering how the beauty of her movements was implied in the manga, it is certain to translate even better into animation.

7 Mitsuri’s Flexible Nichirin Sword

Kanroji wielding her nichirin sword in demon slayer manga

The Swordsmith arc is all about the nichirin swords, and Kanroji's is definitely one of the most interesting out of all the hashira. Kanroji's sword is extremely thin and flexible, functioning almost more like a whip than a sword.

This design fits perfectly with Kanroji's Love Breathing, allowing her to attack quickly and accurately from a variety of ranges. However, because of the sword's unique design, it is extremely difficult to use. Only Kanroji could possibly wield this sword due to her abnormal strength and natural flexibility.

6 Mitsuri’s Love Breathing Technique

Kanroji using her love breathing technique in demon slayer manga

Kanroji's Love Breathing is already an awesome-looking technique, and given the anime's track record of great animation, it's certain to look even better on-screen. Looks aside though, she proves to be an absolute beast in combat using her Love Breathing, and fans are looking forward to seeing it in action.

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While she faces a lot of difficulty in her fight against the Upper 4 demon, Kanroji emerges from the battle relatively unscathed. That's in comparison to how poorly Rengoku and Tengen faired in their own battles against the upper ranked demons. The simple fact that she faired so well is just a testament to her strength and the effectiveness of her Love Breathing technique.

5 Mitsuri’s Innocence

Kanroji in Demon Slayer.

Despite her overwhelming strength as a hashira, Kanroji is still very innocent psychologically. She isn't good at dealing with rejection, and the slightest insult is enough to break her heart.

Kanroji's innocence is shown in the manga when she's called a "tramp" by the Upper 4 demon and is left in shock that he could ever say such a thing. Considering how the Upper 4 has killed countless people, name-calling is hardly the worst of his crimes. Still, for Kanroji, that is just as bad as anything he could have done, and it won't go unpunished.

4 Mitsuri’s Overwhelming Skill As A Hashira

Kanroji looking excited to fight in demon slayer

After Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya are completely overpowered by the Upper 4 demon, it's up to Kanroji to come and save the day. In contrast to how the others faired, Kanroji shows what it is that makes her such a well-respected hashira.

Kanroji's natural ability is so OP that she was able to complete the Final Selection after only training for six months. In fact, Kanroji can attack faster than Tengen, who is said to be one of the overall fastest hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps.

3 Mitsuri’s Troubled Past

Kanroji lifting a rock as a baby in demon slayer manga

As a young girl, Kanroji was always being judged for her abnormally great strength and unique, pink hair color. She was even once due to having an arranged marriage but her husband-to-be broke off their engagement because of her uniqueness.

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However, Kagaya recognized and praised Kanroji for her strength, and that changed the trajectory of her life. Kagaya assures her that those who can't accept her are really just jealous of her potential, and that realization helped her to accept herself for who she was.

2 Mitsuri’s Hot Spring Scene

Kanroji bath house scene in demon slayer manga

In comparison to many other anime series, Demon Slayer is relatively tame in terms of fan service. However, one of the few moments of fan service in the series comes in the form of Kanroji's spring moment, though it's important for more than just its baser appeal.

Kanroji's hot spring scene is an important moment when considering her backstory as explored later on. She was once an insecure girl who was embarrassed by her strength. After becoming a hashira, that all changed, and Kanroji's comfort in her own skin is a sign of her empowerment as a character more than just a shameless fan service moment.

1 Mitsuri's Relationship With Tanjiro & Nezuko

Kanroji embraces Tanjiro and nezuko in the demon slayer manga

In the new movie, Kanroji's relationship with Nezuko in particular was slightly expanded on and really showed Kanroji taking on a more big-sister kind of relationship with the young demon girl. While many of the other hashira looked at Nezuko suspiciously, Kanroji embraced her without a second thought.

Kanroji's explanation for this is that she was close to her four siblings, and couldn't imagine fighting with them as Genya did with his older brother. If her treatment of Nezuko is any indication, Kanroji would be a great big sister.

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