Taking care of your lungs is more important than ever.

Breathing is a function we need to survive but because it is involuntary, it is easily overlooked. To know if you have healthy lungs, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor or pulmonary specialist.

However, most people who have lung problems will already know that they get short of breath very quickly, have tight chests or battle with breathing in general.

Lung capacity can be measured as the full amount of gas in the lungs after a full inspiration – but normally measured on your expiratory amount.

Over time, our lung capacity and lung function typically decrease slowly as we age after our mid-20s. There are many exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing – or “belly breathing” – to engage the diaphragm, and pursed lips breathing.

There are other options for breath training such as making use of the PEP flute. You can live three weeks without food, four to five days without water but most people can’t live for more than a few minutes without breathing.

Source: www.citizen.co.za/news/breathing-training-good-for-lung-health-september-2022/

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