World Asthma Day 2022: Asthma, a disease of the lungs, is caused by narrow airways which further leads to coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Various asthma can cause serious damage to the lungs, if not treated in time. Asthma is caused by a series of environmental and genetic factors. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Jagda Nand Jha, Senior International Cardiologist, Associate professor, department of medical sciences, Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences gave us an overview on how air pollution is giving rise to asthma and how it is affecting the health of the lungs adversely.

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How Air Pollution Is Affecting Asthma?

Through Ozone: This air pollutant affects the lungs and the airways directly. It causes reduction in lung function and the collection of ozone is directly related to asthma attacks.

Airborne particles – through breathing, airborne particles often pass through the nose and get accumulated in the lungs. Asthma patients are more prone to such airborne particles. This can have long-tern effects and can affect the lung function.

Sometimes when the air quality of the area is poor and the air pollution is at its peak, it is best to stick to a few practices in order to avoid affecting the lung function and breathing. Jagda Nand Jha shared a few expert tips on what to do in case of poor air quality:

1) Take your reliever inhaler at the time of high air pollution.

2) Measure the pollution forecast of your area.

3) Avoid the pollution hotspots like main roads, junctions, bus stations and car parks, also you can use the quieter back streets as much as possible.

4) Visit a doctor based in the community who treats patients with min or chronic illnesses and refers those with serious conditions to a hospital.

5) Take medicines on time

6) Eat healthily

7) Steam therapy

8) Improve indoor air quality

9) Step outside only if necessary

10) Wear a mask all the time

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