LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark's daughter rushed their two-year-old daughter Hartford to the hospital on Monday, July 3 after she developed “breathing issues.” Both the stars shared updates on Hartford on their Instagram story where they informed the toddler was taken to the emergency room around 6 am after noticing Hartford was found “breathing very fast and hard.” 


Clark, 43, also mentioned the toddler having the possibility of having “high asthma and lots of mucus in her lungs and a high fever.” after returning from the hospital almost after six hours, Schroeder, 35, shared an update on Instagram. Adorably calling her daughter, “a little soldier,” she mentioned that the doctors think Hartford developed “reactive airways disease.” 

Hartford is seen snuggling with her mother Stassi Schroder (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)
Hartford is seen snuggling with her mother Stassi Schroder (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)

'Looked like when people start to turn, in those zombie movies'

Clark shared a detailed update on his Instagram about the health of his daughter. Sharing a photo of Hartford and Schroeder where both of their faces were not visible, the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ alum wrote, “It's been a morning.” In the photo, Schroeder can be seen laying beside the toddler as she is lying on the hospital bed.

Clark's post (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)
Beau Clark's post about her daughter Hartford's medical emergency (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)


In the next slide, he explained what happened to Hartford. The actor who appeared on two of the seasons of the hit Bravo series wrote, “Soooo last night she was breathing very fast and hard.” Terror could be understood clearly from his voice as he continued, “Looked like when people start to turn, in those zombie movies.”

The concerned father continued further, “Took her to ER around 6 am,” before elaborating, “She has some breathing issues possibly high asthma and lots of mucus in her lungs and a high fever.” "She's on her second "breathing face thing machine" with something that will open her lungs up more,” wrote Clark in a hopeful voice. He also added a promise of keeping their fans updated, “Now we're just waiting, hoping this works the second time. Will update when we know more.” He concluded his post by saying a statement that any parent will agree with, “It's super scary seeing your kid like this.”


After getting home, he kept his promise of updating his fans. Sharing a picture of an inhaler-like substance, which is the said "breathing face thing machine," Clark informed his fans, “Just got home,” and added, “Six hours at the hospital.” However, the good thing is that Hartford’s condition has improved slightly, “She's improved slightly with her breathing, but it's still hard.”

Breathing device (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)
Beau Clark shares photo of breathing device that helped his daughter Hartford (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)


He continued, “Her little belly breathing is what everyone was worried about. So she's going to be on albuterol for the next tow days with this breathing thing.” But he also informed that if the situation worsens, they might need to take her to the hospital again, saying, “But we might have to go back tonight if she gets worse again.”

Giving an update on the little girl’s whereabouts, he said, “For now she's got an ice cream cone and is on the couch watching Frozen.”

However, this was not the end of his post as Clark also shared a small clip of Hartford’s deep breath. Intending it to be educational, he wrote, ”This was this morning,” before addressing other parents, “If you see your child breathing like this. Take them to the hospital ASAP!”


Hartford in the morning (Instagram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)
Hartford before she was taken to the hospital (Instagram/@stassischroeder)

‘Long scary day at the hospital’

Schroeder, who is expecting a baby boy with Clark, later shared in her Instagram story an update on Hartfod. Sharing an adorable clip of her husband assisting Hartford in using the respiratory device, she wrote, “Long scary day at the hospital,” After writing, “We brought her in after she was rapidly aggressively breathing,” she continued to inform what the doctors have diagnosed.


She continued, “Doctors think it's "reactive airways disease" (which is essentially pediatric asthma) on top of a virus.” However, her daughter is a fighter as she gushed, “She's such a little soldier.” 

Schroeder's post (Instsgram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)
Beau Clark's 2-year-old daughter needed breathing assistance after she was hospitalized  (Instsgram/@thegoodthebadthebogie)


'I know Stassi is very happy and building her family'

Recently, the cast of the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ could be seen resuming filming for the 11th season of the hit Bravo show. However, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were conspicuously absent from the filming after being at the center of attention after an explosive cheating scandal. Sandoval’s ex, Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, Tom Schwartz, and his ex-wife Katie Maloney joined the filming along with Lisa Vanderpump. Maloney revealed earlier, that for her own “selfish” reasons, she wants Schroeder to rejoin the cast. 

Stassi Schroder and Kristen Doute were part of the original cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ when the show first aired in 2020. But both Schroder and Doute were ousted from the show in 2020 after they wrongly called the cops on a Black castmate Faith Stowers. When it came out that Stowers was wrongly accused, Doute and Schroeder were fired. However, they later apologized for their mistake.


Speaking to Metro, Maloney said that she would want them to come back, saying, “I’ve always wanted them to come back,” before adding, “We started the show together and it’s been so much fun having them around.” She also expressed her intense desire to have them back at the show, “Selfishly I would love that because I love seeing them on the show, and I love having them on the show. But I think that maybe it’s just different now.” 

She also added about her friend, “I feel like it’s been some time since they’ve been gone and I know Stassi is very happy and building her family. Not that she would never want to do any kind of reality TV but I don’t know if Vanderpump is the place for her now, today, with where her life is at.”

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