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Traveling to the land of Morpheus is not always carefree and enjoyable.

 What dreams warn about human health problems

Sometimes dreams can be a harbinger of serious illness. Esotericists believe that dream plots can directly point to a person's health problems. Experts have listed the main types of dreams by which the subconscious warns of danger, informs Ukr.Media.

Heart disease

Problems with the heart foretell terrible dreams and nightmares that make you wake up in fear of cold sweat. Cores often dream of chasing, chasing or falling from a great height.


Intermittent and disturbing dreams tell about problems with high blood pressure. Hypertensives often dream of natural disasters, the collapse of a house that will bury the sleeper or his loved ones under the rubble, war or terrorist attacks. Even so, bad dreams are sometimes accompanied by wheezing, which in a dream allegedly closes the ears.

Asthma or lung problems

Difficulty breathing penetrates the dream world and people with asthma often dream that they are suffocated. Sometimes people with diseased lungs think that someone heavy has sat on their chest. And in dreams, they can drown, fall into an avalanche or be buried alive.


Dreams of people with low blood pressure pressure is usually faded and slowed down. While they sleep, it seems to them that they cannot move, lift anything from the ground or, for example, cross the river. Hypotonics are haunted by apathetic, exhausting dreams.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Liver disease often causes fights, stab wounds, large amounts of blood and bitterness in the mouth. You can also often dream of raw meat, rotten fish, poisonous vegetables, tooth loss. If you wake up suddenly, you may feel unwell and nauseous for a long time.


People who suffer from depression dream dark dreams with rooms without exits. For example, endless tunnels, dense thickets, gallery galleries or mazes. They dream of their own funerals, walks in the dark, nightmares from a distant childhood. When a person wakes up, he can suffer from feelings of anxiety and sadness for a long time.


insurmountable obstacles. You can dream that the door closes in front of your nose to a very important place, the last car is going. Some see themselves falling into a pit and unable to get out of it, even with the help of outsiders.

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