By Melissa Romualdi.

Stassi Schroeder is providing an update on her daughter’s health after she sought urgent medical care earlier this week.

On Monday, the “Vanderpump Rules” alum and her husband, Beau Clark, noticed that their two-year-old daughter, Hartford, was struggling to breathe and rushed her to the hospital. The family has since returned home and both Schroeder — who is pregnant with baby no. 2 — and Clark provided updates on the toddler’s health.

“Long scary day at the hospital,” Schroeder wrote on her Instagram Story Tuesday, per Page Six. “We brought her in after she was rapidly aggressively breathing — doctors think it’s ‘reactive airways disease’ (which is essentially pediatric asthma) on top of a virus.

“She’s such a little soldier,” the reality star added.

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The parents have been open about Hartford’s symptoms to inform other parents about the ordeal and update their concerned followers.

Clark took to his Instagram Story Monday morning to post a video of their daughter’s labored breathing alongside the caption: “This was this morning … If you see your child breathing like this. Take them to the hospital ASAP!!”

Later, he shared an update next to a photo of a nebulizer: “Just got home. 6 hours at the hospital. She’s improved slightly with her breathing, but it’s still hard.

“She’s going to be on albuterol for the next two days with this breathing thing,” he said of Hartford’s medication and recovery.

The worried father noted that his little one had “lots of mucus in her lungs” and “a high fever” and, as a result, is taking “something that will open her lungs more.

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“She’s on her second ‘breathing face thing machine,’” he said, adding that he and Schroeder are “hoping this works the second time.”

After Tuesday morning’s “dose of albuterol,” the actor shared that Hartford’s health “seems like 80%.”

While Schroeder noted that their daughter is “feeling a little better,” she’s “not better enough to leave the house,” on Tuesday’s U.S. holiday — the 4th of July — “so here we are trying to be festive,” she captioned a photo of Hartford playing in an inflatable pool in their backyard.

“I made a little bubble, pool day for her so she can get some fresh air and sun,” Clark added.

Photo: Instagram/ @StassiSchroeder
Photo: Instagram/ @StassiSchroeder
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Photo: Instagram/ @TheGoodTheBadTheBogie

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Reactive Airway Disease isn’t an official clinical diagnosis. “Rather, it’s a term healthcare providers use to describe asthma-like breathing problems when they don’t know the exact cause.” Symptoms include coughing and wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and chest tightness.

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