Australian vlogger and lifestyle influencer Sarah’s Day has detailed her son’s terrible health crisis after he suffered a “bout of fever”.

One, Malakai, was taken to the hospital where the diagnosis was later made rotavirusa viral disease that can cause life-threatening gastroenteritis.

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However, the diagnosis required two hospital visits, with the toddler initially being sent home after seizures that required cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Sarah Tilse, also known as Sarah’s day on YouTube and Instagram, and her husband Kurt Tilse welcomed Malakai in March 2022.

They also have a son named Fox, four.

Malakai Tilse suffers from a febrile seizure. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

“What has happened in the last few days? This first picture was taken two minutes before we called the ambulance,” Tilse began a long speech Instagram Post Office.

The vlogger shared a series of photos of her son, the first showing him resting on her chest before the incident.

“After a few days of running nose, irritability and a slight temperature, he would lie on my chest and take a nap before I wanted to get up and start dinner,” she explained.

“As he lay on my chest, I could feel him suddenly feeling extremely hot and wet.

“His heart rate changed and he started breathing short and sharply through his mouth.

“All of a sudden he had a febrile seizure. Stiff and eyes rolling, his body trembled and I laid him down on a soft, secure spot on the floor.”

Sarah, Kurt, Fox and Malakai Tilse. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

Tilse said she and her husband realized their son had suffered a febrile seizure and Fox also had the same problem at a similar age.

“However, the shaking stopped and Malakai started turning blue and splotchy,” she continued.

“His lips turned blue and there was no movement in his chest or any sign of breathing.

“I started CPR while Kurt was on the phone with emergency services.”

The YouTube star said Fox then entered the room and tried to get his brother’s attention by telling him to “wake up”.

“After about 30-45 seconds of CPR, the color returned to his lips, but he still wasn’t responding and his eyes rolled wide open,” she shared.

Malakai Tilse in the hospital. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

“He stayed like that, breathing short and shallow for 20 minutes, until the ambulance arrived.”

Tilse said Malakai was sent home from the hospital that night and was given the all-clear by doctors.

But days later, they returned to the hospital after “days of severe vomiting and diarrhea overwhelmed his small body.”

“He woke up delusional, cracked blue lips and started going limp and unresponsive again,” said the mother-of-two.

Tilse posted the update to her 1.2million Instagram followers, saying she’s “now in a hospital bed with (Malakai) and after a few days of swabs and waiting, we have a confirmed rotavirus swab.”

Rotavirus primarily affects children between the ages of six months and three years and is highly contagious.

Sarah Tilse comforts her son as he recovers. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

“Thank you everyone for your kind messages and prayers. It was truly comforting to read and to know that so many of you have such deep care and love for our little Malakai,” she continued.

“Malakai is stable and in good hands.

“He’s on an IV to keep his little body hydrated while we try to get a handle on one of the craziest viruses I’ve ever seen.”

Tilse followers used the comments to react to the series of events.

“I’m sorry but how the heck does a hospital send home a baby that’s not breathing and needs CPR the same day?” said one commenter.

“Poor little Bubba, thinking of you all,” said a second.

Sarah Tilse shared this photo of Malakai. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

A third wrote: “Glad he is safe in hospital with his loving mum!!”

“Something no parent can imagine, sends all our love to you all ????????,” added another.

Malakai was born months after the Tilses released a candid video update that their doctor advised them to terminate their pregnancy because the baby was likely to be born with an undisclosed medical condition.

Earlier in her pregnancy, the YouTuber underwent a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), which screens for common genetic disorders.

“I got a call from the ultrasound clinic. “As soon as I picked up, I could tell from her voice that it wasn’t a ‘normal’ call,” Tilse said in a YouTube update in October 2021.

Sarah Tilse with her boys Fox and Malakai. Credit: Instagram / Sarahsday

“She informed us that our baby has unforeseen health problems or a health problem that you would not expect your baby to have.

“It has nothing to do with Kurt and (me) — it’s just a matter of luck sometimes.”

When she finally met with the doctors, they advised her to terminate the pregnancy.

“The hardest part was that I had such a positive attitude. Regardless of the outcome, I thought: We will love this baby, this is God’s plan, this is our son and that’s how it will be,” Tilse said at the time.

“He said, ‘Definitely, my recommendation to you is: stop and start again… I think for your own good and your child’s good, you should stop.'”

“That really crossed my mind. I had whole days where I was like, ‘Well, he’s a doctor, he specializes in that. If he tells me to stop, maybe I should,'” she said.

Sarah and Kurt Tilse spoke out at the time she was told by a doctor to terminate her pregnancy. Credit: youtube

“When I read online about people who are unwell and upset about their bodies and their health issues, I kept thinking to myself should I stop…am I going to give birth to a baby that she’s going to hate?” Circumstances?”

Tilse said it was “the greatest pressure I’ve ever had on myself”.

“You know that feeling when you cry so hard and you just can’t even speak?” she said.

“I called my older sister and my mom and cried and said, ‘Can you make the decision for me, I don’t want to make it.'”

The influencer said after an “amazing” and “positive” call to paediatricians, counselors and specialists, she felt empowered to go ahead with her pregnancy.

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The 26-year-old broke the news on social media overnight, posting a photo and writing “our beautiful boy, welcome to the world Hayden”.

The 26-year-old broke the news on social media overnight, posting a photo and writing “our beautiful boy, welcome to the world Hayden”.

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