Children's hospitals and pediatrician offices are already full of sick kids. Pediatric health care providers are bracing for a potential increase after holiday gatherings.

"It's been a record year. We have had an early flu season, we have seen a lot of flu-A. We have also had an intense RSV season, seeing a lot of RSV cases, and then of course there's COVID,” Dr. Sarah Passmore said.

Pediatricians like Passmore have had busy schedules. With the holidays fueling the spread of infections, she doesn't expect that to change any time soon.

"After the holidays, I am expecting things to pick back up definitely because people are sharing things, more than just gifts,” Passmore said.

Abhishek Shakya is an epidemiologist for the Tulsa Health Department. He expects rising cases of everything from the flu to RSV, and COVID-19.

"We don't know what the numbers are going to look like at the moment, but COVID and flu will be high for sure,” Shakya said. “Flu is already rampant at the moment, so we have to be cautious about that. RSV has been declining, but with the recent travel, we don't know what that will look like in the next few weeks."

If your child is running a fever, having difficulty breathing, or other symptoms of a respiratory illness, Passmore recommends having them looked at.

"I always tell parents, 'If you have a question, bring them in,'” Passmore said. “We will take a look and tell you what's going on to help reassure you and let you know what you need to do."

Experts are urging everyone to take the standard precautions like keeping your hands clean, covering your mouth when sneezing and coughing, staying up to date on vaccinations, and staying home if you're feeling sick.

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