CANDACE OWENS (DAILY WIRE HOST): Well, I'm a big believer that they intentionally killed people in hospitals during COVID. They wouldn't let family members in there to make decisions for them. I personally saw, when I went to an asthma clinic, that they would not give me life-saving asthma treatment because breathing was not allowed, even though they had the nebulizer. And if they had not sent an ambulance -- asthma attack is about, like -- you have got a very short window of time. I was having an asthma attack and the doctor had the life-saving medicine and said that the CDC had barred them from giving it to me.

So there was no question that they colluded to kill American citizens so they could fluff numbers and say that people died from COVID. I still to this day question the use of ventilators. It makes entirely no sense. People need oxygen, not compression on their chest when they're dealing with something that's in their chest. 

So, from top to bottom, yes, our government wanted people to die. There's no question. Because it fed the narrative.


OWENS: And we're talking about crimes against humanity. People should face long prison sentences. People should face tribunals because of what they did during COVID. 

And it's not even that. The masking of children, the treatment of special needs kids that were being forced to be masked on planes, that were having, you know -- essentially the trauma that was put to people on a psychological level, to me, should bring forth tribunals. People like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci should be in prison, Rachel Walensky among them. There was corruption top to bottom. And it was all done because they had already predestined the vaccine. Right? The denied treatment, they denied the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin. The media was complicit in it.

And it infuriates me – it infuriates me – the amount of people that were allowed to die and to suffer when there were medicines that worked because they knew that they could not get emergency use authorization if there was any treatments that worked. So they needed people to just die for a while. And that is exactly what happened and it makes me sick to my stomach to even think that we're having to say that today. But we have criminals and, like I said, drug cartel leaders that are running our government and it's despicable. I will not mince words when it comes to those awful human beings.

KIRK: Tell us how you really feel, Candace, about it.

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