Last Saturday, the 23rd, Susana Conceição da Silva, 42, went to the UPA (Emergency Care Unit) in Jardim Anita, in France, with chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath. The woman, who had had dengue for two weeks, was concerned about the symptoms and sought the health unit. To her surprise, the service was denied.

According to Susana, the professionals did not see her because she reported that she had asthma and that her respiratory problems were followed up at the “Álvaro Azzuz” Emergency Room, not at the UPA. “It wasn’t asthma (the picture that day) because I know and I know when it is and when it isn’t. I said that I always had asthma, I always went there (at the UPA) and they always saw me, but this time they said they could not see me”, she said.

The patient said that they did not measure her blood pressure and told her to go to the emergency room, but she was alone and unable to drive. From that moment on, confusion began in the health unit.

“The head nurse came and said he couldn’t see me. I said: ‘boy, I have a chronic problem, but what I’m feeling today is not my breathing’. He kept insisting and I answered him. They called the doctor, she said she wouldn’t see me because I had acted impolitely with the boy, and I was begging to be seen.”

Susana stated that she asked them to call Samu or the ambulance to take her, because she couldn’t go by car. “The only thing they did was call the Military Police because I argued with the nurse. I didn’t go to fight, I went to be attended, “she said. “I was in pain, and on the verge of having a heart attack, “she believes.

With the presence of the police, the patient registered a report for failure to provide assistance, declaring that she was not treated or referred to any other health unit, in addition to having been mistreated by the employees.

Susana claimed that she never had problems with the health area of ​​Franca, she even praised, but questioned the care of professionals on Saturday. “I, Susana, cannot complain. All the care I need, I have and I won’t say it’s bad, but it can’t be like that. What if I really was having a heart attack?”.

In response, City Hall said it will investigate the case. “Patient Susana Conceição da Silva went through the triage of care at Upa do Anita and got into a disagreement with the unit’s team. An investigation will be opened to investigate the facts,” said the note sent to GCN Portal.

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