Kochi: The number of residents seeking treatment for lung-related ailments in Brahmapuram has increased due to the rising smoke, which has not completely subsided in the solid waste treatment plant.

As per reports, over 300 people, who suffer from respiratory issues, sought medical help in hospitals in the vicinity of Brahmapuram within a week. General OP, Pulmonolgy and Paediatric departments currently witness surging inflow of patients.

The hospital authorities claim that the patients’ data had been handed over to the district health department. However, the department of health has not officially released the reports.

Most of the cases reported were related to asthma and heart-related ailments caused by the inhalation of toxic smoke. The major symptoms found in the patients are breathing difficulties, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, throat pain and itching. Majority of the patients arriving at the emergency wards leave hospitals after getting primary treatment.

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