MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - The Center for Disease Control announced Friday that Mesa County’s COVID-19 infection rate had risen from low to medium. A minor increase has been seen, with a 7-day average of approximately 20 per day during April and May, rising to about 50 cases per day at the beginning of June.

The Omicron surge saw over 350 cases per day at its peak, and hospital admissions remain low. Only four people were admitted in April, and eight in May. Nearly 71 percent of Mesa County residents are either vaccinated or have been recently exposed to the coronavirus, meaning that much of the community has some level of immunity.

The CDC is recommending to get tested if you develop symptoms, and to exercise extra precautions if you or someone you are close to is at risk for severe illness. The CDC also recommends that unvaccinated individuals seek out vaccination, as long-term side effects from severe COVID-19 infections can be debilitating, including chronic fatigue, fevers, heart palpitations difficulty breathing, neurological damage, depression, chronic diarrhea, and reproductive damage.

The vaccine remains a safe and effective preventative measure against COVID-19 protections with no long-term side effects.

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