Get checked out -The first thing to do if you have been experiencing symptoms for four or more weeks, or you develop any new symptoms, is to get a proper assessment from your doctor.

Use breathing techniques - Practising breathing control and breathing techniques can help you recover from breathlessness and also aid relaxation. Try deep breathing by taking a long, slow, deep breath in, ideally through your nose, holding for two to three seconds, then breathing out gently through your mouth.

Manage your cough -To calm down a coughing fit, try “huffing” - breathe out through an open mouth instead of coughing to squeeze air out quickly from your lungs through your throat and mouth, as though you are trying to mist a mirror.

Hydrate - Drink enough water – the NHS recommends six to eight glasses of fluid a day, inhaling steam by sitting in a bathroom with the hot shower running or with your head over a bowl of hot water, keeping your mouth closed when you can to stop your throat getting dry, and keeping active as possible.

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