To the editor: Regarding the recent letter to the editor "How we can save the Triplex," long before COVID, the individual theaters inside The Triplex always felt airless and stuffy.

Nevertheless, we attended the movies there at least a few times a month. It only took a few minutes to get used to the smell of the stale air, and we weren’t worried about getting sick from it back then. Wanting to return to The Triplex last year, we called the theater and learned that the air circulation system had been neither replaced nor improved. We were also told that the theaters were sanitized after each viewing, but that’s not good enough when you’re still breathing bad air. We are older and still COVID-concerned, and we have yet to return to the Triplex.

If our donation to the Triplex right now were to be applied to a new air circulation system, we would be happy to give generously — and to return to the theaters.

Nancy and Richard Mickey, Stockbridge

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