After several days of fighting for his life in the hospital. State Health Services (SESA)prisoner of the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) Cozumel died of tuberculosisconfirmed the relatives of the man who was supposed to be released on 4 August.

Miguel N.’s mother reiterated that the medical staff at the prison where he was serving a one-year sentence for attempted robbery misdiagnosed and he was not hospitalized until his condition worsened.

Juana N., the mother of the deceased, has announced that she will file complaints with the Quintana Roo State Human Rights Commission (Cdheqroo) and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to punish those who, through negligence or inaction, caused his son’s death. who had been suffering from symptoms of his condition for months prior to his hospitalization.

Until now, not a single health authority, state or municipal, as Cereso directive, expressed their opinion in this regard on the case and leading actions in the field of health.

Miguel N. passed away yesterday morning, Thursday, at the SESA clinic, where arrangements are already underway to welcome Governor Mara Lezama on a working tour of the island next Tuesday.

According to documentation that Novedades Quintana Roo had access to, the time and date of death were noted at 05:15 on August 10, 2023.

The cause of death was septic shock and pulmonary tuberculosis, in the order disagreed by the relatives of the deceased, since sepsis is a consequence of tuberculosisthey assured.

Juana N. insists that her son contracted the bacillus that causes the disease, and that the staff of the medical unit in Cerezo did not treat him properly in time, and that he was transferred to the hospital only on July 31, when the disease had already developed.

“He was ill for two months and lived with the prisoners, and when he got to the hospital, he was not isolated for the first few days because he was wrongly diagnosed with anemia and early gastritis.”, stated.

For his part, Engel Salvador Contreras Mies, third inspector general of Cdheqroo, said that a person deprived of liberty (PPL) loses the ability to provide for himself with the means of care and subsistence.

For this reason, the state takes on this responsibility, since what is being deprived is their freedom, but rights such as dignity or health prevail and remain.

If someone admitted to the Cerezo de la Isla was not treatedaccording to relatives, they can file a complaint with the commission.

Once this is revealed, an investigation will be launched to find out whether medical assistance was provided or whether there was negligence or omission on the part of any authority.

“If you believe that an act has taken place that has affected a member of your family, you can contact Cdheqroo for your complaint.”unprotected.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The symptoms of TB can vary depending on the stage of the disease and whether it is active or latent. Here are some of the most common symptoms of active TB:

persistent cough: Cough lasting more than three weeks is one of the most characteristic symptoms of tuberculosis.
fatigue and weakness: Tuberculosis can cause constant fatigue and general weakness.
HeatFever, often subfebrile, may come and go.
night sweats: People may experience profuse sweating, which can cause clothes and bedding to get wet.
Weight loss: the disease can lead to unexplained and significant weight loss.
loss of appetiteA: People experience they lose their appetite and may have difficulty eating.
Chest pain: due to inflammation of the surrounding tissues, you may experience chest pain.
Labored breathing: In advanced cases, tuberculosis can cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

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