World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 2023: World Tuberculosis Day is observed annually on March 24 in order to debunk myths about the disease and raise awareness of its different types. And to focus more on the aim the theme for this year's InternationalTuberculosis Day observation is "Yes! We can end TB!"

And some common Myths and Facts about Tuberculosis are:

Myth 1: Tuberculosis is Hereditary or Genetically transmitted

Fact: TB is not inherited since genes have no influence on how the disease develops or spreads. The TB bacteria takes time to develop in a person's body and is transmitted by being around other active infected people.

People generally have the misconception that TB gets transmitted from parents to their children, but it's also not true until someone is in direct contact.

Myth 2: Tuberculosis is Contagious

Fact: It is partially True. TB is surely a communicable disease but it does not spread through direct contact. Patients with active TB infection of the throat and lungs can communicate the infection to others in close proximity through droplets(coughing, sneezing, talking or so).

Myth 3: Tuberculosis is Incurable

Fact: It is completely false. TB can be treated with effective antibacterial medications. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved around 10 drugs to treat TB to date. 

Myth 4: Smoking leads to Tuberculosis

Fact: Smoking surely is injurious to the lung but they are not the only reason for Tuberculosis. And the main cause of TB is breathing in the infected air and the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Myth 5: Tuberculosis is Non-Relapsing

Fact: It's possible to contract TB again even after you've already been treated for it once. However, the factors associated with recurrence are yet not well known. So, ensure that you complete your course of treatment for Tuberculosis without any breaks. 

Myth 6: Tuberculosis is a disease of the poor.

Fact: This is surely a myth.TB does not discriminate on the basis of class, colour, creed or gender. According to the World Health Organisation, 44% of new TB cases were reported in South East Asia in the year 2019.

Myth 7: Tuberculosis is Preventable

Fact: This statement is only partially accurate; although there are TB vaccines available, they are far from guaranteed. The effect of vaccinations wears off in adults, but they are preventive measures that unquestionably protect infants from having any major conditions.

Myth 8: Tuberculosis is Lethal

Fact: That's not accurate. Without treatment, TB can be fatal, but because of advancements in medical science, the disease is now successfully treated by specialists using various modern medications and therapies.

Tuberculosis or TB is a serious illness caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Although the germs typically target the lungs, they can also infect the kidney, spine, and brain. The list of distinct types of TB also includes Pott's disease or Pott's spine, pulmonary tuberculosis, later tuberculosis, and active tuberculosis.

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