The Joe Rogan Experience has witnessed many guests on the show in the past, with various people sharing experiences from their lives. But UFC legend Bas Rutten has impressed Joe Rogan on multiple occasions. A video clip shows Rutten’s explanation of the O2Trainer, which helps one’s breathing.

Bas Rutten uses the massive platform that Joe Rogan has created through his Spotify deals and YouTube channels to promote the product, O2Trainer. Rutten states, “95% of you are breathing wrong, and the rest 5% are going for breathing classes.” The former UFC Heavyweight Champion explains the difference between breathing techniques and why “diaphragm breathing ” is the most efficient.

The former UFC star has launched his product, named the ‘O2Trainer’, which allows athletes to improve their respiratory control and, ultimately, increase their stamina and focus overall. Rutten promises that just ten minutes of daily use of such a device will go a long way for anyone looking to grow their endurance with workouts. Bas Rutten also believes this equipment benefits people who suffer from Asthma or wheezing.

It’s safe to say that growth in breathing capacity and improvements for people with such ailments hinder their breathing patterns. A product like the O2Trainer does seem to do the trick for optimizing one’s respiratory system.

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Bas Rutten narrates his motivation behind giving the world the O2Trainer

Bas Rutten
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Many athletes have incorporated Bas Rutten’s O2Trainer into their training regimes to work harder and obtain better results. It has even effectively aided many patients suffering from asthma and other breathing ailments. But what most people don’t realize is that Bas Rutten had a very relatable reason for creating such an apparatus.

Bas Rutten explains how he suffered from severe asthma attacks, which rendered him incapable of doing any work or taking care of his daily activities to sustain himself or his family. But he also noticed that his performance while running increased exponentially after every asthma attack. This confused Rutten so much that he decided to bring it up with a doctor.

On receiving the doctor’s advice and special breathing techniques, Bas Rutten figured that some methods could be hazardous if taken to the next level. Therefore, to make the entire process safer and more regulated, Rutten created the O2Trainer.

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