Due to the climatic changes that have occurred in recent weeks in Valledupar, Respiratory diseases have increased considerably: allergy, flu, cold, pharyngitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and other infections.

In the city, according to the SIVIGILA epidemiological surveillance system, so far in 2023, 32,259 cases have been reported of which 1,481 arrived for emergencies and 102 entered the Intensive Care Unit, ICU.

Given these alarming figures, the municipal Health Secretariat urged people to go to the authorized vaccination points and apply the influenza vaccine. Children, young people and adults will be able to inject themselves.

On the other hand, the health sector warned that people with respiratory symptoms should not self-medicate, but you should consult a professional. “The warning signs that adults should take into account to require professional consultation are: high fever, breathing with pauses and agitation, paleness, decay, sleepiness, lack of appetite, vomiting, rapid breathing, sinking of the chest and little fluid intake”.

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