A new report from PwC commissioned by Asthma+Lung UK has highlighted the alarming crisis surrounding Lung Health in the UK. Sarah Woolnough, CEO of Asthma+Lung UK, said lung conditions were the third biggest killer in the UK, with the report finding that due to the lack of testing, such as FeNO monitoring, patients can also be wrongly diagnosed and an estimated 750,000 people in England are misdiagnosed with asthma, costing the NHS an estimated £132 million every year.

Prioritizing Lung Health: How FeNO can help to tackle Lung Conditions, the UK

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Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) is a non-invasive medical test that measures the level of nitric oxide in a person's breath. It is a pivotal advancement in asthma care, offering precise insights into airway inflammation. By facilitating accurate diagnoses, personalizing treatment plans, and enabling ongoing monitoring of asthma control, FeNO empowers healthcare providers to optimize medication use, reduce exacerbations, and enhance patient engagement.

This transformative tool not only improves the quality of life for individuals with asthma but also contributes to more effective, cost-efficient healthcare management, ultimately making a profound impact on the battle against this chronic respiratory condition.

Making an accurate diagnosis of asthma relies on taking an accurate history and then performing appropriate tests to confirm the diagnosis. Spirometry (a test of lung function) was stopped during the pandemic and has been very slow to restart. FeNO testing provides a valuable piece of the jigsaw to confirm whether a person has asthma (or not). It is a very quick test to perform, and most people find it easy to do.

The basis of asthma is airway inflammation, which is what the FeNO test gives an indication of. It helps confirm a diagnosis quickly and easily and helps the patient better understand their condition and how inhalers work to treat the condition. It helps clinicians make the correct diagnosis in a timely way and get the person onto the correct treatment pathway, avoiding unnecessary hospital admission and life-threatening asthma attacks.

Carol Stonham MBE, RN, MSc, Queen’s Nurse, and Policy Lead PCRS

As a leading manufacturer of breath analysis medical devices, we understand the pivotal role that innovation plays in enhancing patient care and healthcare efficiency. FeNO testing is a prime example of such innovation. We remain committed to advancing respiratory care and hope that in working towards our mission to make healthcare more accessible, our NObreath® FeNO monitor can help make a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with asthma.

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont Scientific

As the official UK distributor for NObreath®, we understand the significance of accessibility and affordability. We take pride in offering a flexible three-year rental plan for the NObreath® FeNO device. Our aim is to support practices and Primary Care Networks, regardless of their size or testing volume, in ensuring equal access to FeNO testing for their patients. We are well aware of the financial constraints faced by healthcare providers and patients alike.

What sets us apart is our democratic cost-per-test pricing policy. We do not penalize smaller practices; instead, we maintain a low fixed cost per test, regardless of the volume of tests conducted per year. This means that even the smallest practices can benefit from our cost-effective solution. Our rental program for the NObreath® FeNO device serves as a crucial link as we actively strive to narrow the gap and make advanced respiratory care accessible to everyone.

Livio Gagliardi, Acting Managing Director at Intermedical

The full report can be found here: www.asthmaandlung.org.uk/saving-your-breath.


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