As of August 12, authorities have reported at least 440 deaths from complications related to pneumonia.

TO Abigail Parada
September 01, 2023 – 04:40 PM

Health Minister Francisco Alabi has warned the public that the flu has such “aggressive” behavior among the elderly that they are currently at a risk of death similar to that of a Covid-19 infection.

In a radio interview, the official stated that “the flu is so aggressive in older people over 60 who have chronic illnesses and can cause death like Covid-19”, arguing that “this is important to deal with because we are worried about what is happening with covid, but we are not worried about what happens with the flu, which has almost the same level of risk,” Alabi said in an interview with YSKL radio.

At least 40 people have died of pneumonia in recent weeks.

Influenza is a viral infection that can be fatal if not treated promptly and complicates pneumonia.

Until mid-August, authorities recorded a total of 440 deaths related to complications from the disease. It is important to note that during the same period, 70 cases of influenza type B were reported, a situation that was not observed in the previous year during the same period.

Private sector epidemiologists stressed that cases of respiratory illness have increased in recent weeks. Photo by EDH/ Jorge Reyes

Infectious disease doctors report an increase in cases of influenza in the region.

Doctors warn of an increase in the incidence of pneumonia and severe respiratory diseases in children

One of the situations influencing the increase in cases of these diseases is the rainy season, although the winter was irregular throughout the country.

It is important for the official to pay attention to adults who have encountered the influenza process and have persistent systemic disorders or difficulty breathing, as they may have contracted community-acquired pneumonia.

It is worth noting that the authorities have not provided an updated report on the circulation of the virus in the country since the 32nd epidemiological week, which will last until August 12.


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