KARACHI: Sindh health dept has urged people to adhere to the World Health Organization’s Covid protocols given the emergence of new coronavirus variants, asymptomatic transmission of the infection and unusual human interaction during upcoming Eid festivities.

The department has reiterated the golden rule of maintaining social distance and wearing a mask in all public and crowded places, especially in the shopping areas.

It suggests avoiding large Eid gatherings and frequent hand washing with soap. 

In case of having symptoms like flu, cough or difficulty in breathing, the department advises visiting the nearest public hospital for free of cost test and management of the coronavirus.

It says the people who received their last Covid vaccination dose 6 to 12 months ago should get their follow-up shots at any vaccination centre by the district health officer to boost immunity against the deadly disease. 

The elderly persons and the individuals with co-morbidities are especially advised to get inoculated at home by calling immunisation teams.

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