Amid alarmingly surging cases of the Influenza A subtype H3N2 virus cases in the country, according to a media report, a 38 year old  woman has recovered from the fatal virus, almost a month after testing positive for the same. 

According to the report published by Times of India, the 38 year old woman had developed bilateral pneumonia when she tested positive for the viral H3N2 influenza. She was released on Tuesday from the private hospital in the city. 

Meanwhile, two patients died of the suspected H3N2 virus in Maharashtra. One of them, a 74-year-old man, died of the H3N2 sub-type while the other victim was infected by Covid-19 as well as the influenza virus, state Health Minister Tanaji Sawant told the Assembly on Wednesday.

A 58-year-old Gujarat woman died due to flu-like symptoms at a state-run hospital in Vadodara city, said an official on Tuesday, adding that the sample has been sent for H3N2 testing and the review committee will determine the exact cause of the death.

The union government had on 10 March addressed the nation and assured that the threat from H3N2 is likely to decline significantly from March-end.

According to the latest data available on IDSP-IHIP (Integrated Health Information Platform), 3,038 laboratory confirmed cases of various subtypes of influenza, including H3N2, have been reported till March 9 by states.

The ministry had informed that they are tracking and keeping a close watch on morbidity and mortality due to the H3N2 subtype of the seasonal influenza

Young children and old age persons with comorbidities are the most vulnerable groups in context of seasonal influenza, the Centre warned

India every year witnesses two peaks of seasonal influenza: one from Jan to March and other in post monsoon season. The cases arising from seasonal influenza are expected to decline from March end, the ministry informed

H3N2: Symptoms

According to WHO, avian, swine and other zoonotic influenza infections in humans may cause disease ranging from mild upper respiratory infection (fever and cough) to rapid progression to severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, shock and even death. Some of the common symptoms of H3N2 virus are:






Throat ache/sore throat

An ache in muscles and body

In some cases, diarrhoea

Sneezing and runny nose

If a person experiences difficulty in breathing, pain or discomfort in chest, continuous fever and pain in throat while gulping down the food, it is very important to see a doctor.




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