From breathing troubles to contagious viruses, here’s what doctors across our area say is “what’s going around.”


Dr. Christine Le from Kelsey-Seybold Memorial Villages Campus said, “Asthma exacerbations are up especially in kids and young adults. August is the most common month for asthma. Very important to fill and keep taking asthma medicines as directed,” Dr. Le said.

Air Alliance Houston said that makes sense. Air Alliance Houston sends ozone alerts when pollutants in the air are bad and may be especially harmful to people who are sensitive to harmful effects of the ozone.

“It tells you it’s a good day to go out and run or the air quality is poor, and you should try to stay indoors,” explained Dr. Inyang Uwak, Research and Policy Director, Air Alliance Houston.


You may need to see your doctor to determine if your issues are breathing or sinus related. Sinus infections are also currently high among children and adults, according to Dr. Le.


Food poisoning, perhaps from family gatherings and picnics and food staying in the heat too long, are on the rise. Doctors are seeing lots of upset stomachs from across Houston and Fort Bend.

Dr. Balaguru Ravi, Internal medicine and Sports Medicine from Kelsey-Seybold Clear Lake Clinic said he’s seen patients who come in dehydrated with signs consistent with heat exhaustion due to the hot weather.


Dr. Jessica Lanerie from the Kelsey-Seybold Sienna Clinic said COVID is picking up again.

The City of Houston said there’s an increasing trend in wastewater levels there too.

The good news is, Pearland pediatrician Dr. Suma Manjunath said they know it’s out there, but it hasn’t been anywhere near peak levels.

“Of course, if they have health issues already, whether it is diabetes, high blood pressure or transplant or other immune diseases, then they are likely still to get very sick from it. So that is still ongoing. Only thing is now the reporting is not mandatory since there was a declaration of the end to the pandemic. So, if we look at the hospital surveillance, we are still seeing COVID,” Dr. Manjunath said.

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