Dubai, renowned as a premier diving destination in the region, entices numerous tourists with its offerings of offshore and shallow diving experiences. With its crystal clear waters, the UAE holds a treasure trove of marine biodiversity and captivating underwater marvels.

Among the enchanting marine creatures that inhabit the UAE’s ocean, seahorses hold a special allure. Spanish expat Roger Viver, an engineer working in Dubai, attests to the awe-inspiring presence of shipwrecks amidst this marine wonderland. Having embarked on over 40 dives in his lifetime, Viver describes observing underwater species in their natural habitats as a fascinating experience.

Diving serves as a means to relax, unwind, and detach from the outside world, offering a few hours of respite from constant connectivity. It’s akin to floating in zero gravity, enveloped in solitude.

Petrov, another diving enthusiast, expresses the soothing joy of witnessing marine creatures in their element. Exploring shipwrecks adds an extra layer of intrigue to the diving experience, as Petrov recounts encountering hermit crabs, flutemouths, sunfish, and more within this captivating underwater realm.

Dubai hosts several diving institutes and centers that cater to both residents and tourists, ensuring the demand for this adventure activity is met. Bermuda Diving Centre, based in Dubai, offers various diving options. Tourists and residents can choose from an offshore dive located approximately 5 kilometers from the shore or a shallow dive reaching a depth of 20 feet at Lamer Beach. Age is not a restriction, as individuals above the age of 10 can partake in this adventure. However, it is advisable for those with illnesses such as asthma, breathing problems, or recent surgeries to abstain from undertaking this escapade.

The diving experience begins with a 30-minute briefing and introduction, followed by 30 minutes of practice in shallow waters to acclimate participants. Once comfortable, the dive takes them to a maximum depth of 26 feet, with swimming skills not being mandatory.

The offshore package offers a captivating experience of marine life and its dynamic environment. A 45-minute underwater dive commences after a boat journey of 5 kilometers from the coast, providing a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of blissful underwater exploration accompanied by training. Dives are available at 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm.

Shebin Thomas from Bermuda Diving Centre, an experienced diver for the past seven years, shares some rules for a successful diving adventure:

  • Stay present: Embrace the moment and immerse yourself in the present, appreciating the beauty of the underwater world surrounding you. Living in the present is key to fully experiencing the wonders of life.
  • Breathe continuously: Holding your breath while diving is discouraged. Embrace the rhythmic flow of your breath, allowing it to calm you, enhance concentration, and strengthen your connection to your body.
  • Maintain composure: Panic is counterproductive when underwater. If you run out of air, communicate with your dive partner using signals and steer clear of potentially hazardous situations.
  • Trust fellow divers and equipment: Once submerged, trust in your diving equipment, dive partner, instructor, and dive plan. Confidence in these factors contributes to a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Appreciate nature: Viewing the underwater world through screens is one thing, but firsthand experience is truly spellbinding. Witnessing nature’s beauty beneath the surface instills a deep respect for the environment.
  • Embrace enjoyment: Scuba diving teaches the important lesson of finding joy in what you do. If diving were intimidating, dangerous, or purely instructional, it would lack the allure that draws people in.

Embark on a journey beneath the waves and uncover the treasures hidden within the UAE’s underwater domain.

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