Published August 16, 2023

Elite Clean Restoration Specializes in Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation

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Water damage in your home is inconvenient and expensive. It can do lasting damage to the building and ruin your possessions. However, the biggest threat may be to your health. Wet and dark conditions, like those around most water damage, are perfect for growing mold.

Serious mold growth can have a wide variety of effects on your health, particularly if you breathe it in for a while. Dont leave yourself and your family open to mold and bacteria growth. Get professionals to take care of water damage repair and mold remediation in Indianapolis, IN.

Health Hazards With Water Damage and Mold

Mold can affect people in a wide variety of ways. The same moldy environment may leave one person unaffected while the other person struggles with allergic reactions. However, the longer youre exposed and the worse the mold, the more likely you will experience an adverse reaction.

Its important to address mold completely as soon as its been located. Otherwise, you may end up struggling with some of these health issues.

Allergies and Sinus Infections

Many people are allergic to mold. You may experience a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or wheezing. Even if youre not allergic to mold, you may end up experiencing systems or even have difficulty breathing. Its not unusual to develop bronchitis or other respiratory illnesses. The spores from mold can also directly cause infections.


Its difficult to establish the cause of chronic illnesses like asthma. However, consistent exposure to heavy mold is linked to the development of asthma, particularly for children. Spores and fungi also can cause general inflammation, leading to respiratory illness and difficulty breathing.


A common reaction to mold is persistent headaches. They may last for the entire day, with the sufferer only feeling relief when they leave the building or get some fresh air. Its not unusual for the headache to also come with persistent fatigue. Sufferers may also have sensitivity to light.

Other mental symptoms like memory loss and difficulty thinking clearly.

Skin Rash

Exposure to mold can often lead to painful rashes, either as part of an allergic reaction or due to irritation. Rashes and skin problems usually only develop when spending an extended period of time in the infected area. The affected areas may tingle or feel numb. Rashes are more likely to develop when youve actually touched or breathed in mold.

Serious, Long-term Illness

Long-term exposure to mold is connected with serious health problems. Asthma is one example, though its usually manageable. More serious problems have also been linked to exposure to mold. As weve already mentioned, some memory and cognitive issues may develop. However, more scientific study is needed before a link is truly established.

Mold exposure can also weaken your immune system, which can be a particular problem if someone is immunocompromised. Other illnesses, like pneumonia, are also linked to mold and a suppressed immune system.

Call Professionals for Mold Remediation in Indianapolis, IN

Mold can be a serious problem that threatens the health of you and your family. Cleaning up mold can be hazardous and can actually make things more dangerous if the correct equipment and techniques are used. Call experienced professionals who can assess the problem and safely handle it. Contact Elite Clean Restoration for mold cleanup in Indianapolis, IN.

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