Here is Dr Andrew Miller’s medical commentary during WAMN’s Sunday news broadcast.

“Thanks for your time, I want to just to remind you that both influenza and COVID are still out there in the community.

“It’s important to take them seriously by always breathing fresh air by masking up when in crowded indoor locations, particularly if you have any respiratory-type symptoms such as coughing, fever and so on isolating from others, very important to be vaccinated.

“Influenza is a seasonal vaccine once every year, they adapted every year to the strain of flu that they think is most likely to be in the community, and that’s recommended for every age group.


“COVID vaccinations unfortunately, are still only available to those over five years of age.

“We should have at least the primary focus on whatever boosters are available for adults, and we should be continuing to advocate that the government gives us what they have in the US, Singapore, Canada and many other countries which has access to these incredibly safe vaccines.

“For our youngest vulnerable babies and older because they’re still getting hospitalized occasionally with COVID.


“So although the bad outcomes are rare, no one wants it to be their child that has a short or long term problem with these viruses which are best avoided in the first place.

“And absolutely worth relying on vaccination to prevent the severe outcomes from all of these diseases.

“So be safe and get vaccinated, talk to your GP if you’re unsure which ones you and your family are due for, thanks again.”

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