European smart T-shirt developer AccYouRate will establish a data analysis center based in Israel, the company announced on Sunday.

The new center will utilize AI technologies including machine learning and deep learning to analyze the extensive big data collected by AccYouRate's wearable devices. The ultimate goal is to derive meaningful patterns and correlations from the data, enabling the development of personalized healthcare strategies, proactive health alerts, and innovative medical interventions.

“The establishment of AccYouRate AI signifies our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through advanced data analytics and AI. We are determined to unlock valuable insights that will shape the future of healthcare and improve the lives of individuals worldwide,” explained Dr. Amir Toren, a company board member and executive who is heading the new center.

“By expanding our capabilities, we aim to introduce attractively designed, comfortable, and functional wearables, monitoring vital body signs through proprietary algorithms and presenting insights via user-friendly dashboards,” he said.

What does the tech company AccYouRate do?

AccYouRate is known for its proprietary smart T-shirt, a wearable device that enables continuous real-time monitoring of vital body signals. This textile shirt incorporates e-textile technology and conductive polymeric sensors, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, big data, and a 5G-based central unit. The device provides real-time online monitoring of seven vital signals, including ECG, heart rate, pattern and depth of breathing, body temperature, motion, GPS, and body position for fall alerts. 

Virtual image of human heart (credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)

The establishment of this center in Tel Aviv highlights the country's recognized prowess and innovative capabilities in the field of advanced technology. AccYouRate’s move further solidifies Israel's reputation as a destination for data analysis and management advancements.

AccYouRate is not the only tech company that has recently established a data center in Israel. Other companies that have done so include tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Japanese corporate monolith Fujitsu Limited, which announced late last year that it would open a new center for data and security research and development in Tel Aviv.

"As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Israel offers Fujitsu A rare concentration of talents and a supportive environment to promote innovation,” said Fujitsu Limited CTO Vivek Mahajan. “I look forward to the recruitment of additional local researchers who will join our team in Tel Aviv. I anticipate that the new teams in Israel will work with our global research network to play a central role in leading the development of Fujitsu 's future AI and security technologies.”

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