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Keeping fit or participating in extracurricular activities like sports can be extremely difficult when faced with the setback of respiratory complications caused by asthma.

Not only is it challenging to give your hundred per cent in these activities, but you may find yourself feeling like the only one missing out when it comes to the camaraderie that comes with sports participation – especially when you are still in school while watching your mates enjoy themselves on the athletics track, or rugby and soccer field.

The National Health and Blood Institute in the US explains that this is because asthma is a chronic (long-term) condition that affects the airways in the lungs.

“The airways are tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs. If you have asthma, the airways can become inflamed and narrowed at times. This makes it harder for air to flow out of your airways when you breathe out.”

However, the health publication Kids Health reveals that not all is entirely lost. The information reveals that while cold weather sports and those that involve a lot of energy with no breaks do affect those with asthma, this does not mean that quitting sports entirely should be an option.

Instead, several sporting codes can be extremely effective in strengthening the lungs of those who suffer from asthma while simultaneously improving fitness levels.

Below are a few safe alternatives and how they can be beneficial:

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Health and wellness publication Healthline explains that this is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from the chronic condition. It is further explained that the chances of getting asthma-related symptoms are increased because of the moist and warm air, low pollen exposure, and pressure of water fluid in the chest.


Hiking is also considered a positive exercise option. The above-mentioned source recommends finding a trail that is relatively flat with a steady low and steady incline.


Whether indoor or outdoor, biking does not involve the over-exertion of energy and is therefore seen as a healthy option to strengthen one’s breathing.

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