CODEVIGO (PADUA) – Francesco Pascetta died of a respiratory crisis while it was positive at Covidso he was not vaccinated. And now the doubt on the choice made, torments the parents, devastated by mourning. Dad Stefano and mum Fiorella had undergone the cycle for immunization, but they had preferred to wait to administer the vaccine to their firstborn, who would have turned 7 on 11 May. The father expressed to those close to him the regret of not having submitted the child to immunization. “Could you have saved him?” It is the question that from the very first hours she began to persecute the parents of Conche’s baby. And that will remain without an answer.

Child died of Covid at 6 years old

Four days ago Francesco Pascetta had carried out a swab in Chioggia and had tested positive for Covid. After the examination, the fever had risen and breathing had begun to become more difficult, so much so that the little one had been examined in the emergency room. However, there was nothing to suggest that the little boy, who lived with his parents and a little sister in Conche di Codevigo, was in danger of life. Last night his condition progressively worsened, to the point of pushing his mother, around 5.30 in the morning, to call 118. When the doctors arrived home, Francesco was already unconscious. Loaded in an ambulance he was taken at full speed to the Hospital of Padua but when he arrived there he was already dead, struck down by a respiratory crisis. “We are destroyed – says Stefano Pascetta, the little boy’s father – They will do an autopsy to see if he has died from Covid. We are all positive and need to think about our 9 month old daughter. Francesco, our Francesco, did not make it ». “My son has to do an autopsy, they’ll tell me what he died of. I imagine it will certainly be Covid “closes the father, prostrate with grief.

Stefano Pascetta and Fiorella Vianello, had gone to live in Conche in 2017, when little Francesco was two years old. He was originally from Chioggia (her parents still live now in Borgo San Giovanni), she from Pellestrina, where they got married that same year. Stefano and Fiorella were integrated, almost immediately, into the community of Conche, both because many Chioggiotti who fled to the expensive house in the city center live in the hamlet, and because of the relationships that, spontaneously, are established in the school environment between families and children. teachers.
Francesco had attended the nursery school and, then, the primary, where he was the only first-year pupil and was part, due to the small numbers, of a multi-class, with other older children. Fiorella and Stefano were not active in the village associations, the Committee of the Festival or the Parish Circle, but led a normal life of work and sacrifice: she, a housewife, looked after her children and her house, he worked in the Padua area. But they were well known and popular.

Since the whole family had discovered positive at Covid, a few days ago, after a swab at the Chioggia hospital, in fact, they lived isolated at home but neighbors and acquaintances had offered to provide for the most urgent needs such as, for example, shopping for food or picking up some medicine from the pharmacy for little Francesco who was suffering from phlegm. The child, his mother told some acquaintances, couldn’t wait to go back to class, to plant flowers, together with his classmates in the school garden.

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