The Municipal Health Department (SMS) opens, this Saturday (28), ten health facilities (see full list below) for prompt care for cases of moderate respiratory symptoms. The units were readapted to serve this public, due to the seasonal increase in cases of respiratory diseases and active cases of covid-19. Currently, according to the most recent bulletin on covid-19, Curitiba has 11,500 active cases, that is, people capable of transmitting the disease.

The ten units will be open this Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. The measure also helps to leave the Emergency Care Units (UPAs) for more serious, urgent and emergency cases. The recommendation is that the user seeks, preferably, the unit of his Sanitary District.

Nine units will serve all age groups (children, teenagers and adults, the elderly). The Ouvidor Pardinho Health Unit exclusively serves adolescents, adults and the elderly.

This Saturday, these ten health units will treat only moderate cases of people with respiratory symptoms. No other routine visits will be carried out and vaccination will not be carried out.

when to look

Those who present moderate symptoms such as: fever (equal to or above 37.8 ºC) for more than 24 hours or who do not improve with the use of antipyretics should look for one of these ten units; vomiting that does not improve with medication; weakness, feeling short of breath, rapid breathing, wheezing. The use of a mask is recommended in these places.

Check here which symptoms are considered mild, moderate and severe and where to seek care.

Doubts? Call at Central 3350-9000

The SMS guides that, at the appearance of respiratory symptoms, the person should immediately adopt the use of the face mask, even inside the house, to avoid the transmission of diseases such as flu, covid-19, cold, to other people.

In cases of mild symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell and taste), the SMS advice is that the person should seek, as a priority, service at Central 3350-9000, for guidance and possible referrals. The Center is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Working days

On weekdays (Monday to Friday), the 107 health units can be contacted by anyone with mild or moderate respiratory symptoms. The service will be at the normal hours of each unit.

The SMS advises that, if necessary, users should preferably seek, from Monday to Friday, the health unit in which they are registered.

Emergency Health Units

Saturday (5/28), from 8 am to 5 pm
Care for cases of people with moderate respiratory symptoms

Bairro Novo Sanitary District
Bairro Novo Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Paulo Rio Branco de Macedo, 791 – Sítio Cercado

Cajuru Sanitary District
Iracema Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Professor Nivaldo Braga, 1571 – Capão da Imbuia

Porta Sanitary District
Santa Amelia Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Berta Klemtz, 215 – Fazendinha

Santa Felicidade Sanitary District
São Braz Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Antônio Escorsin, 1960 – São Braz

Boqueirão Health District
Vila Hauer Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Waldemar Kost, 650 – Hauer

Pinheirinho Sanitary District
Aurora Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua Theofhilo Mansur, 500 – New World

Boa Vista Health District
Jardim Aliança Health Unit (all age groups)
Rua José Ursolino Filho, 646 – Santa Candida

CIC Sanitary District
Campo Alegre Health Unit (all age groups)
Avenida das Industrias, 1749 – Industrial City

Tatuquara Sanitary District
Rio Bonito Health Unit (all age groups)
R. Fanny Bertoldi, 170 – Campo do Santana

Main Health District
Ouvidor Pardinho Health Unit (exclusive service for teenagers, adults and seniors)
Rua 24 de Maio, 807 – Praça Ouvidor Pardinho

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