HELOTES, Texas – A Helotes teenager is feeling more confident stepping outside of her house these days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’ve been able to go to more places and hang out with my friends more and not like worry so much,” said 14-year-old Hannah Ross, who took part in a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial conducted by Tekton Research.

“Nobody gets anywhere without medical trials. If nobody’s willing to take a chance, then nobody gets the benefit of having the vaccine. And so, when she said that she wanted to do it, I was supportive,” said Judy Ross, Hannah’s mother.

Hannah received her first shot on Dec. 18, not knowing if it was the vaccine or a placebo.

“I had a fever over 100 for like two days, and then I also had body aches and chills and fatigue,” she said.


Hannah got her second shot on Jan. 13.

“Second one was just a fever and body aches,” she said.

“She has to go in every three months to have blood drawn, so they can watch her antibody levels and see what they do and also go in for COVID testing,” Judy Ross said.

Hannah’s parents have also received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We still mask when we go out and we still social distance, but we just don’t have to worry about whether or not we’re going to get it or give it to someone else,” Judy Ross said.

Hannah said she is feeling great and doing gymnastics.

“She goes to the gym about 25 hours a week now and then competitions,” Judy Ross said.

Hannah’s mother said having most of the family vaccinated makes life a lot easier.

“We’re not worried about if somebody’s not masked or stands too close,” Judy Ross said.

Moderna has also begun testing its vaccine in children under 12, which includes babies as young as six months old. The clinical trial, KIDCOVE study, will enroll approximately 6,750 children in the United States and Canada.


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